Monday morning natter


Monday morning post….it is going to be all over the place…..

Honeybear is a lovely little boy, however, he is giving me more grey hair.  He is crawling into all the corners, pulling himself up onto anything, even if it is unstable.  All our lounge furniture is now against the walls to make it a safe play area. 

He is eating very well now, though it has not helped his night time sleeping one little bit.  As far as I am concerned, solids and sleeping through the night are in no way related.  He wakes numerous times, he will cry until I get there, even if Hubby is with him.  I shall soldier on, I think I am adapting to less sleep.  If i try not to think about it too much, it will hopefully not impact on me so much either.  I am going to stick with that. 

Hubby is nervous and excited about the new job.  The big opening is on Wednesday.  Honeybear and I shall drop by after work to offer some support and just check  out the new store. 

I am super busy with work (here I am blogging?) My hair seems to have finally stopped falling out.  I have to find a new gynae.  I knew this was coming.  The gynae we have been with is a fertility specialist, and we don’t actually need one.  I think I ended up with her by mistake.  I feel bad about taking time away from other women that actually need her for her specilaity.  She is lovely! I hate having to go look for someone else. Ah well, I guess I shall have to, or carry on taking time I don’t need.

I am really looking forward to Honeybear’s first birthday (2.5 months away).  We decided to keep it family only.  We don;t really know many people here, especially people with kids anyway.  So we have invited our parents.  We shall do the big fancy cake thing (I know the one I want to make).  We shall do a lunchtime thing.  I want to do it outdoors, but I am not sure logistic-wise, we shall have to see.

Anyway, I must get back to work now.

One more thing….do any of you have bad experiences with yoghurt? We bought the Nestle baby yoghurt…the one that can live outside the fridge.  I thought is was great and Honeybear loves it.  However, by trail and error we have found out that the yoghurt is making him vomit.  Without fail, if he has the yoghurt he vomits.  Anyone else experienced this?  




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  1. Hmmm…yoghurt outside the fridge sounds strange, I would rather see what chemicals they put in there to be able to keep it outside the fridge…

    Have fun with the party planning!!!

    • Now that I think about it, you are so right, how can it stay out the fridge? Thanks, I am dreaming about how to do the fancy cake I want. I want to do it myself (I know, I am nuts)

  2. Perhaps try a different yoghurt? Spar does Squillo’s yoghurt which is full fat for babies and youngsters. I think if he still reacts he might be sensitive to it.

    • I figured it would be fine for him to do without the yoghurt for a bit because he still drinks loads of breastmilk. He has no reactions to cheese and loves the stuff. I shall go check out Spar, because I do believe that he will need the calcium soon.

  3. I agree that solids and sleep are in no way related. Tash didn’t sleep through till she was about 5.

    Is it any yogurt or just that brand?

    • Doc Sears says sleeping through is a development milestone, so I guess he must be right. Cams, do I have the strength for 5 years!!??!
      This is the only brand we have given him…oh and the homemade yoghurt I made. He did not react to the homemade stuff…..hmmm…now you have me thinking.

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