Blogging again


OK….I guess I must post something again.  I like the new platform, but I just do not have time to play with it and make it look pretty.  Work is very busy and I just cannot get the time to sit down and look at this like I want.

Honeybear is doing well.  he had his 9 month immunizations this week.  My strong boy gets over it in a matter of minutes and is smiles very quickly.  He has grown just over 10cms since the last visit in February.  He is not the largest baby, weight wise, but the sister explained it was because of the breastfeeding.  My little one is just short 8kgs at 9 months old.  He eats three full meals and two snacks during the day.  He gets in two bottles of milk during the day and he feeds about 4-5 times at home during the night.  I am not starving him.

Apparently the growth charts are made up using the formula fed baby so Honeybear is right for his age, and his growth curve is correct for his development and breastfeeding.  I know all this in my head….but  a little part of me does worry that he is not growing as large as other babies his age, or babies that are younger than he is.  I can see he is healthy and happy and reaching his milestones like a clockwork baby, but I still have a little niggle. 


I like this new platform.  It is much more organised.  I just need to take some time to personalise it and see how everything works.  The only sucky thing is that I cannot read blogs on my phone anymore. 

Don’t tell me about the app.  I don’t have a smartphone.  I normally read blogs, twice a day, while pumping milk.  It is good way to pass the time, and my letdown is now conditioned to the reading.  Now that I cannot read the blogs, my letdown aint working.  *Sigh* I shall have to find a new trigger now, or else give up pumping, or I could just go get a smartphone?

I would love a smartphone, for all the gadgets, however, they all seem ugly and not very well designed (ok this is purely my subjective view as designer, well not of phones, but a designer nonetheless).  What don’t Ilike about smartphone:

QWERTY keypads, or total lack of keypad (I can text without looking, with one hand on my current oldie, and I never do it while driving, if you were wondering)

The touch screen (my fingers are big and fat)

The big fat phone that cannot fit in my pocket (yes, I use the pockets of my jeans)

 I do love the functions, I do love the colours, I do want to keep up with technology, because now I feel like I am being left behind a bit.  I don’t want to be constantly available and I am not currently.  I turn off my phone at 21h00.  I never answer while driving or when out with friends or if I have guests over.  I do make exceptions if I know hubby might need me…..still, never while driving….my phone is in the boot while I drive).  Most people know, I never hear the thing, because it is always on silent. Again, only if I am expecting a call, do I pay attention. 

 I love to Google on my phone.  I use it for the radio at work.  I use it for music, back in the days when I used to jog.  I do love having a phone, but not for the traditional phone functions. 

 How on earth did this turn into an ode to the mobile phone?


PS: Found out why i could not post before…..I had the timezone set incorrectly….Stupid me.



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  1. I highly recommend the BB Bold 9900. The keyboard is a dream and it fits in the pocket of my jeans (even with the pouch on). As for driving mine’s connected to my car via Bluetooth so taking calls is hands free. I’m also a huge fan of the silent mode, my phone is only on during school hours in case there’s an emergency with the little one.

    • I shall check out your recommendation. The older Blackberrys’ really are the ugliest of the lot. Lol, I guess I must stuff my designer ego in my pocket and just get with the technology. Deids, you really are tech savvy…bluetooth, I don’t think I would know where to connect what.

  2. Haha, that time zone thing had me confused at first also.
    Don’t worry about Honeybear not growing. L is growing big enough for the both of them. He’s been way over that chart line since he was six months old. I would hate to take him to the nurse now. What would she say about a 3 year old weighing over 30kg. Little fatty, but healthy and that’s all the counts.
    Hate my touchphone, can’t see squat when you go outside and feel like some kind of criminal lurching in the shadows to see my sms

    • Lol, I can just see you lurking in a corner trying to read the screen. I shall send Honeybear to you for a while so that Liam can teach him a thing or two. (and then I can have a full noghts sleep…where do youlive agin Helen?)

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