I don’t know


 guess breastfeeding is still on my mind a lot.  The first goal was to get to 6 weeks and then it was 3 months and then it was 6 months and then it became, anything after 6 months is a bonus. 

Honeybear is now 9 months old on Saturday.  We still breastfeed because he loves it and I don’t mind (too much). It suits Hubby too.  He does not have to do any feeding at night and breastfeeding is a quick way to settle Honeybear.  And there is the problem for me.

 Are we using breastfeeding as a tool? It is no longer purely for nourishment, but it has become a tool to get Honeybear to sleep, to get him stop crying after an eina, to comfort, to settle him, to feed him, to make him feel better.

I know that breastfeeding is more than just a nutritional benefit, but I am wondering if we are past the stage where we should be using breastfeeding for all the other things? All our friends have stopped breastfeeding ages ago. I do attend the Le Leche league groups and I know all the philosophy about breastfeeding, but I still wonder if I am doing something bad to my child. As many people out there that are pro-breastfeeding, there are so many that consider it wrong too, to be feeding at this stage. Are those people that consider it wrong just mis-informed?

 I don’t know, because sometimes I feel that Le Leche League (or the group I attend at least)are sometimes overzealous in their “breastfeeding crusade” it gets taken a bit too far I think.  It sometime is very off-putting.

 If someone want s to breastfeed their 5 year old, then they can do it.  If the 5 year old is happy and the family is well, what is the harm?  I do believe that breast milk is good for a baby, and I know the benefits and I can see Honeybear is healthy and happy.  However, he is growing up and he is reaching the stage where he knows exactly what he wants and he knows how to get it.  I don’t know. 

 I do not believe the mother’s life must come to a standstill in order to breastfeed.  By this I mean that the mother must still enjoy a good quality of life.  The baby cannot be happy if the mother is unhappy all the time. 

 I am not sure where all this going, I am just feeling a bit at a crossroads.  For now, because it is working for us I shall continue.


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  1. I think breastfeeding is a very personal decision. My mother who is a breastfeeding consultant also agrees that pressure put on women to breastfeed (or to give up at a certain time) is unfair. Each woman and each child is different and you have to find what works for you. If you are no longer happy breastfeeding then I would say consider stopping….

  2. Honeybear has been getting the best for the last nine months now… good on you for doing it for so long! But I agree, if your life starts to revolve around breastfeeding and you’re missing out on some things because of it, it’s hard to be happy about it. But it’s such a rewarding experience though… I’ve already forgotten what it’s like. It’s up to you, MC… if you want to keep going, you do so. If you don’t, you do so. Don’t let any external factors influence your decision.

    • Finally worked this out: I have decided that I shall keep going for now, after the last clinic visit and the advice from the sister, we have decided to continue. Thanks for the support.

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