Mummy fail


I had my huge Mummy Fail moment on Saturday. I can’t stop thinking about how bad it could have been.   So here is what happened….

Saturday afternoon Honeybear was playing and I was lying on the floor with him. I could see it was almost naptime, but he does not like the afternoon nap. So I lay back on the cushion with him on my tummy and breastfed him this way. He began to drowse off and fell asleep. It was cold and I thought it might be nice for me to get a nap in to. So I took him to his room and we both got into the cot and I cuddled down next to him (the cot is actually a single bed built into a cot, which is why I can fit in it too)

So we fall asleep with Honeybear on my chest.

Later I hear Hubby arrive home from work and decide to get out of bed. Honeybear is still fast asleep and I go to the lounge. I remember I forgot to turn on the baby monitor and while I am about to go to the bedroom, we hear loud screaming crying from Honeybear. Hubby runs in and Honeybear was sitting screaming………….on the floor. He had fell out of the cot.

I forgot to put up the cot side and my baby fell out of the cot. I forgot! I left my child in an unsafe position and he fell out. I was in tears myself so I left Hubby to comfort him until I could stop crying. The worst thing was that he was looking for me to comfort him. He stopped crying very quickly and we looked him over and we could not see that anything was injured. There are no bruises, signs of concussion so we did not take him to the hospital.

He is fine and still no sign of any injury.

I still cannot stop thinking about how bad this might have been. I see pictures in my head.


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  1. These things happen. I know it feels terrible, but I’m pretty sure this will be the first of many falls, that’s just the way it is… Hugs.

  2. Ok, but this is something that will not happen again now. I can assure you that the thinking about the “what if” will drive you nuts if you keep rolling this around in your head.You are a good Mom, don’t stress. Hugs xx

  3. It happens, and it happens more than once, but never in the same way because you will have learned from the last time. You will feel guilty everytime, but these munchkins are tougher than they look and were designed to survive sleep deprived parents. You’re doing your best and that makes you a fantastic mommy!

  4. You’re still here! No baby yet?Looks like she got very comfy in there after her first few early escape attempts 🙂

  5. oh no, sorry to hear it, but know you are no a bad mommy. I’ve had Ashleigh fall off the couch at 02am when she was 6 weeks old. My paed said… ag don’t worry it happens to everyone.

  6. Shame man, I know, it’s an awful feeling. It happens to many of us. L fell off the bed when he was about 6 months old.Shame, look at it this way, it could’ve been worse.Hugs MC

  7. oh shame man!! Don’t be too hard on yourself … these things really do happen and to all of us. Munchkin fell off the couch at 4 monthsHugs!

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