Playmat Picture


Here is a picture of the playmat that I made.

 I received this lovely fabric painting as a gift for our baby-shower. It is so great for kids, they love the colours. So I used the painting to do this. It is like a duvet. The inside is made with batting and then the painting cover can be removed and washed. The one side is zipped up so that the little one cannot get in there.

I like that it is small enough that I can fold it and take it with me. I find that when we visit, sometimes, there is not suitable space for Honeybear to play. This way I can put it down and he has somewhere and it keeps him occupied for a while.

Looking at this pic I think I took it when the house was at its worst. The lady had given me the matching smaller painting too. This we stapled onto a timber frame so it looks like a canvas, and it hangs in Honeybear’s room.

It is Friday!

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  1. PS, I read your heading too quickly and was wondering why you were posting a PlaymatE picture. Can you say dumb blonde, haha

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