I really need to leave work earlier. By the time Honeybear and I get home he is almost ready for bed. We get home and I give him a milk feed, then I have to wait a bit before giving him solids for dinner. By this time the poor thing wants to sleep. I have tried not giving the milk feed, but he only has two during the day, and is still supposed to be getting his main nutrition from the milk feed. Oi, the poor thing is falling asleep on his changing mat. Yesterday I had only got his nappy on and he was fast asleep. He stayed asleep through getting his PJ’s on and into his sleeping sack. He woke briefly for his milk, I actually think he was drinking in is sleep.

Today I am going to run out of here at four, on the dot.

Finally booked a family photo shoot. I am worried about what I will look like, but hey, it is about Honeybear, not me. I really want to get this done soon, the little one is growing so fast. I don’t think I will post any pictures here. I am paranoid.

Hubby has exams next week. I know he is going to do well, he always does. I don’t know how. I never see him studying, but he must study somewhere to be getting marks in the 90’s.   I always ask how it is going and he says well. I am yet to see him with his notes in his hands. The last time I wrote an exam, I was a wreck. I studied three months solid and I still felt like I was unprepared. I passed decently. But that is all, Decently, and enough to get registered. That was enough for me and I said no more. I am done studying. I have the legal right to add those extras behind my name, and that is more than sufficient. No need to add anymore.

I promised to make a playmat for a friend’s friend’s daughter’s birthday. I don’t know what I was thinking when I offered to do it. I think I was so proud of the one I made Honeybear. I should have remembered that I don’t have the time to sew so much anymore, that I cannot have my sewing stuff strewn around because I now have a crawling baby. Now I have a weekend left to get it done, and I still have to go get the fabric, shrink it, dry it, sew it. Lynda where are you?

Almost time for me to be racing out of here to go get my little one. See you lot tomorrow (or tonight, not that I am able to comment from home, I need a phone upgrade!)


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  1. Well, if not photo’s of you and Honeybear, how about a photo of the playing mat? I’d love some time to be able to sew again too!

  2. I’m out of the office at 16:00 sharp. Nothing holds me back!! Lots of time to be spent with my baby and work won’t take his place.

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