From Hell


I have turned into a woman from hell. And knowing it has not made me any better in being a better person. There are things bothering me and I cannot seem to do anything about it and this frustrates me and I just act nuts.

  1. I cannot seem to accept the in-laws not having visited yet. Now it has become accepted that we will have to go to them. I am trying to dig my heels out from the ground and just get it over with. I feel like why should we traipse the 1400km with a baby when it is easier for them to come to us. The least they could do is explain and apologise, maybe then I will feel better about having to do it. We will go. No matter how I feel, we will go.
  2. Hubby has suggested we go to them for Honeybear’s first birthday. This I cannot agree to even more than just visiting. If we visit them, we will have no money left to have the first birthday I have been dreaming about. Also, who else would be at Honeybear’s party out there in the middle of nowhere (they do live in the middle of nowhere). Also, I feel like since they have not made efforts to visit, why should they have the privilege of sharing his birthday in their home? My parents deserve that more. In fact, I was planning on inviting the family to Pretoria. However, only my family will make the effort and come, the in-laws won’t even offer an excuse as to why they can’t come.
  3. Hubby and his work are driving me crazy. We have to organise all our life around his work hours and they are long and difficult and weekends are also spent working. I just feel like family is more important than work and he must grow a back-bone and speak to the powers that be and tell them so. I did it and I have adjusted my working hours so I can pump milk and fetch Honeybear at a decent hour. Hubby needs to make a plan now.
  4. Hubby also relies on me far too much. He needs to learn to do things without me. I want to lean back on him, but I do not have the confidence to do so. That all sounds a bit off. What I mean is that there are some things , like getting our admin done, organising Honeybear’s dinner, housework, all that kind of stuff is left to me. Hubby will do anything I tell him to, but I have to tell him to.
  5. I need sleep. My baby needs me and I have to go to him, however, I too need some sleep. My Mother’s Day pressie, that I asked for, was to have a morning to myself just to sleep-in and read and eat without being interrupted. Just a few hours without Hubby or baby. I feel like I never have time to myself anymore. What does hubby do? He comes home with chocolate and Milo as a Mother’s Day gift (which is great, but that is not what I wanted or asked for).
  6. Work is far too busy and I just need a break from this too. Please.
  7. As Tourmaline would call it: Lady Voldemary is back….this is the first time since we became pregnant. So that is a year and 8 months later. I have to say, it is not that bad. Like it used to be back in the day, I don’t have cramps or heavy bleeding or anything. Maybe I am extra cranky because of the hormones?

I had a huge fight with Hubby yesterday. There is no screaming or anything like that. It involves me telling Hubby how I feel about the way he is going on and how I just need time and space and a break and please help me. And then Hubby tells me how he needs the same things and we don’t listen to each other, we are so caught up in being in separate pools of self-pity. Ugh! What a mess.

This morning I kissed him goodbye and I have not spoken to him since. I must make an effort to calm myself and get over all this stuff and be me again, or is this now me…..Crazy Lady from Hell?

PS: I’m posting this without checking….hell ladies do not bother with spelling and grammar, we just kill keyboards.


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  1. I don’t think your woman from hell, you’re just an over tired mother and wife who needs some time out. Maybe ask a family member or friend to babysit for a day and then you and hubby (or not) can get some ‘me’ time?

  2. Hmm I really don’t think you are a woman from hell, you just sound tired and need a bit of a break, and off course for the in laws to be interested in your baby, there you not being unreasonable at all, that is wrong of them not to make an efffort to see their grand child :(Lol, I had a little mini meltdown with my hubby this morning too, have to do everything in the morning, rush everything and everywhere to have HIM on time for work, but still he makes comments about me being late, and all he does is get up 10 minutes before we need to leave, eats (breakfast made by me) gets dressed, etc and then make comments about me being late. OMW I was fuming…I don’t know what you can do, so I’m just sending you hugs xx

  3. I really think you deserve a break. Hubby should prioritise and adjust his work hours so that both of you can take it easy, and so that he can take over a bit for you when you need to sleep and read a bit. We women are the backbone of our households and our men would literally be useless without us. It gets tiring for me too. As for the in-laws… easier said than done but just let it go and don’t go visit them. If they don’t make an effort, don’t you do it either. Have your family over for baby’s birtday, and by all means invite your in-laws and if they don’t come, they don’t and that’s all there is to it. Lots of strongs, MC!

  4. I think I might also be a bit “hardegat” with the in-laws thing. I would sooooo not drag L 1400km to go see people.I don’t think you’ll change the hubby thing tho. Men don’t have direction when it comes to household chores and they don’t seem to “see” things that need doing. Yesterday DH left his clothes on the floor to hop in the shower, and when he was done he walked straight over them and left them for me to pick up.Who gives a toss about spelling anyway?Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  5. Maybe you should go and see them but definitely not over his birthday! For that they should come to you so everyone can enjoy it. I know exactly how you feel.Men don’t think on their own unfortunately so I don’t think you’ll get around telling him what to do. Hope you feel better and less tired soon 🙂

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