Time is going to fast


Where has the time gone!

Weekend: What should have been a chilled weekend turned into us fitting built-in cupboards into the kitchen. The board was on sale, we decided to build it. Early Sunday morning saw us standing in Builders having our timber cut and edged, shopping for ironmongery. We arrived home, fed Honeybear, put him to sleep and got going. Three and a hald hours later, we have a new cupboard in the kitchen. There was a space in the kitchen for a dishwasher, since we don’t have one and don’t plan on getting one, we built up the space into a cupboard. We have the timber cut to build in our breakfast nook.

It does not work for us. We sit at the table and we have never bought the stools for the nook, so we decided to build it in too, and have a closed in vegetable and spice cupboard. I always need more storage.

Even though we worked hard during the weekend, we feel like we did something good. I must say, DIY is a huge challenge when you have a crawling baby. He woke while we were still busy. So I had to carry him while supervising Hubby and then we put Honeybear into his high chair with a teething biscuit so I could help Hubby with the things that needed two people.

We love DIY.

This week:

Work is crazy busy and I feel like I am going to miss my deadline. I cannot afford to do this. I have not missed one yet and I don’t want to start now. I have reading to do for the CPD presentation I need to attend tomorrow. Ugh! What am I to do. Back in the day I would have worked extra hours, but not with a baby. I cannot.

Honeybear is really having a tough time with the teeth. This poor baby. I wish I could make it be over soon. He has progressed from needing me to nurse him to sleep, to going to sleep by himself. It makes me a little sad not to nurse him to sleep. I did not think I would miss it. Now bedtime does not require me to be there. I could go have a break and Hubby and Honeybear will be fine.

Dropping this one feed has left me feeling a little sad, what am I going to feel like when I wean him off breast-feeding? I did not think I would miss it at all, but now I know I will.

I think breastfeeding is a relationship you create with your child, like any other. I feel like I am going to end that closeness the two of us have. He is still feeding many times at night.

Hubby and I spoke about night weaning again, but we have not tried again. Last night was not too bad, only two feeds, and that I can live with. Are we creating bad habits by continuing to feed on demand? 8 months old….should I still be demand feeding? I don’t know.

Honeybear gives me the sweetest kisses. He grabs my face and opens his mouth wide and kisses my cheek or chin. The first time he did it, I almost cried. It is such a sweet heart tugging gesture. When he wants to be close to me, he will crawl to me and put his head on me. Hubby is a little put out, I think, that I am the first one Honeybear wants. I know he will outgrow this, but Hubby feels a little left out. This is why I leave bedtime to Hubby. They can have their alone time. I go do laundry or some such.

I am not sure where this blog is going actually. I think I just want to write.


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  1. I cried when L refused his last breastfeed. I dropped the morning one last. I still remember, it was 26 October 2009. Sniff sniffWrite away, write away! We are reading

  2. Well done on the cupboards! DIY with a baby is super challenging. BM is also super clingy with me and when hubby is holding him he still looks at me and smiles. Hubby is convinced he is “chopped liver” in BM’s eyes! Shame poor man… BM is also giving those wet, open mouth kisses, I love them!

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