Cooking cushion


I decided to write a post about the cooking cushion. I am all for being “green.” I like to call it being “responsible. People often mistake the term green, by thinking it must be good for the earth. That is a whole other post. Anyway, back to this post: The cooking cushion is a great example of how simple things do the trick and are responsible, without being gadgety.

The cooking cushion is actually a cushion filled with polystyrene balls. Imagine a large circle of fabric, that is made into to circular cushion. Very similar to the donuts that are used for babies in the floor. Now add a draw string around the edge. What happens when you pull the string tight? You get a circular bag J

The cushion is filled with polystyrene balls, because polystyrene is such a good insulator. Whatever you put into the cushion stays at that temperature for about 8-10 hours. The bag has a lid. That is a smaller circular cushion that fits on the closed bag. It works wonderfully. Some people call it a wonder cushion or hot box. So simple, but so powerful. I as given one by my Mom.


It s great for cooking dry lentils (which take forever on the stove, even with a pressure cooker). What I do: I boil the water and the beans for ten minutes so that everything os hot, then stick it into the cushions and leave it and go to bed, or to work. When you get home it is soft and cooked. You can cook rice in it too. You can experiment and see what times work for which foods. The cushion comes with a bunch of recipes. Samp and beans is a breeze in this thing. I have not tried it yet, but you can do jams, muffins, soups, bread in this cushion.

They are also good for keeping stuff cool.

They are fairly cheap, a large one for about R100,00.

Also there is the yoghurt J

It is suprising what you can do, if you give these odd little things a try.

Honeybear update: He is a crawling pro! My baby is mobile. I am surprised how quickly this happened. 4 months until his first birthday. OCD mom has to start thinking about what we plan for the first birthday. Just us, family? Friends?


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  1. Wow, I’ve never even heard of these things, how brilliant, and safe too, coz you would never leave your stove on and go to work hey.As for the party, I suppose it depends on you and how many people Honeybear can handle. Some babies get really fussy if there are a lot of people around. Remember tho that you often find yourself catering for all the adults at a party, drives me wild, as opposed to the little ones.Good luck, keep us posted

  2. Cool, where can you buy these cushions?I am already gathering pictures from Pinterest for Blossom’s 1st birthday, although TGH and I agreed only family for the 1st birthday, I am itching to do something with little kiddies as well, as I ahve so many ideas for gift pakets etc.Let me know what you decide!

  3. I have one of these! 🙂 It’s awesome … mum uses it to cook a beeeg pot of breyani … works like a bomb! 🙂

  4. Its a great ‘gadget’ prefect for lazy slow cooked food! Goodluck with the party! What was suppose to be a small family party at our house turned into a big party! Still doing small party packs & cupcakes for school on Thurs (her actual bday).

  5. I also want to do soemthing with kids. However, we don’t know enough little ones to invite. We are still talking about what the first birthday must be about. I want something, not just for Honeybear, but for Hubby and I too. You can get these cushions all over in Durban, otherwise you can buy on places like gumtree.

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