Day mothers


We were up until 12 last night and we have to start getting ready for the day at 04h30. What were we doing? Making origami flowers for Mother’s Day. We decided to make little origami posies for the daycare ladies at Honeybear’s daycare. They are his day mothers and we appreciate the way they care for him.

They turned out very well and I am glad we did it. They may just throw it away, but I don’t think so. They so appreciated the Valentines cookies we did as well.

I know I have ranted about them before, but they are very good. We appreciate the things they do, and also that they have to put up with crap from parents that are over-tired, over-protective, and unsure. They take it in their stride. To see Honeybear’s smiles everyday we drop him off is lovely. It gives me such peace of mind. To see the way he interacts with them, makes us rest easy. The way they are open to doing things your way is great. They worry when the baby does not drink, even if you say it is not a problem. They rock him to sleep because that is what he likes. They stand by his cot and talk to him while he drinks because he won’t drink if you walk away. They know the little things that are him and make him laugh. They call you at home in the evening when he has a fever to see if he is doing better.

So we sat up making flowers for them because we want to say we appreciate them.

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