Breastmilk donation


The other day I received a call from the Blood Services about donating blood. I last donated a month before we became pregnant and Honeybear is now 8 months old. So it has been a long while. Donating blood is close to my heart. I try to convince as many people as I can that it is a good thing. I am not always successful. I am bad at sales.

I feel like I have not done my bit, but with the full time breastfeeding, I cannot donate blood (at least that is what they tell me). So I got thinking.

Today I called the milk bank. I can donate breast milk. Instead of blood, I can do milk. I have enough. I throw out milk everyday. What a waste when there are children out there who can benefit from this milk I throw down the drain. I have a large freezer supply so I do not need to freeze. I am not pumping so much because I need to use the freezer milk too. So I thought, instead of pumping less, I can pump the same and donate the excess milk.

I just need to organise my screening with the clinic and we should be ready to go.

Any other breastfeeding mama’s that want to do this too? Have any of you already done this?


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  1. Great idea -Im sure the babies on the receiving end will be greatful! I hardly had enough milk for Jessica… 🙂

  2. I feel bad I didn’t do this. But with both of my kids I never pumped, they got straight from the source on demand. I think it’s a fantastic thing to do if you can.

  3. I wanted to do this soooo badly but didn’t think about it until I started the process to stop! Next time I’m definitely going to donate breastmilk to a bank! Whereabouts are they situated?

  4. You can read up on it at and On there you can see which is the closest bank to you. Mine is the Femina Clinic. You fill in the screening form, and speak to the person in charge and arrange the collection of bottles. You pump and freeze and then drop it off. Even a little amount is good.

  5. Brilliant idea!!! I had so much milk when I had Jess that whilst I was in hospital they used the excess for the prem babies. No one told me then that I could carry on donating after I left hospital. I love the idea, well done. xx hugs xx

  6. I am also a regular blood donor, but haven’t donated for quite some time due to surgery, then I started IVF, then pregnant & now breastfeeding :-)I felt exactly like you and registered to be bm donor at Sandton Clinic. It was such an easy process. They give you containers to store your milk in that you date and freeze, then you go and drop it off when you have a bit of stock. It’s really simple.

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