Feeding seats and in laws


Another weekend gone by. It was good. We finally bought a feeding seat for Honeybear. Now that he is mobile, feeding is not easy. The feeding is getting better. I just need to let him feed himself and stick my spoon in there. I love the chair we bought. It is one of those that fit onto the standard dining room chair. It is great because it does not take up extra space, we can fold it and take it with us and he can sit at the table with Hubby and I so we can all eat together.

He eats when he sees us eating. I have made him some finger food, that he can munch and it lets us finish our dinner without interruptions. We want to teach Honeybear that dinner time is family time. Also, we want him to get used to what is eating time and that it is not time to play with toys or have mama entertain and carry. We are trying our best to just accept what he eats without trying to make it into a battle of wills. I have found myself getting frustrated when he does not want to eat. So if I relax and have my food, Honeybear will generally eat too, if I leave him alone. He does not seem to like the spoon, but prefers to feed himself. It is a mess but at least we are not forcing him.

Surprisingly he has no spoon issues at daycare. Since we have let them feed the food they cook, Honeybear is eating better during the day.

I have found this really cool yoghurt that does not need the fridge. It is good for when we need to be out at the time he needs something to snack on, and I have not cooked anything yet. Things change. This is working for now, the feeding chair controls the mess and hopefully it will work long term. We have found that babies will do what they want, when they want and sometimes something that was working yesterday, is not working today.

I am really beginning to get more and more bothered about Hubby’s parents not having visited us yet. Honeybear is 8 months old next week, and they have still not visited, with no plans to visit. I have looked at the price to visit again, and we just cannot afford it right now. I am upset. Is our child not good enough for them? Is Honeybear not important enough to visit. I hate this. I am driving myself nuts thinking about it. I ate that it hurts my family because they just don’t make an effort. I am pretty sure that I have the wrong end of the stick, and they are not meaning to offend us, but I do feel extremely offended and hurt. They just don’t offer any explanations, even when asked. We have offered to the money (which we no longer have anymore). We have tried so many times to get them to us, but there is always a very flimsy excuse.

I need to learn to get to terms with this. I cannot control them, and I cannot do anything. My family is still fine without them. It is just there is such a huge contrast between my family and Hubby’s. My parents have been to visit us four times since his birth. Even my aunt and uncle came to visit. My parents threw a huge party in Durban to introduce Honeybear to the whole family (which was not attended by the in laws). I understand they are not as financially stable as my family, but in all this time, they could have made a plan, or accepted one of our 4 offers of plane tickets (when we were able to afford it)


Hope you lot are all having a fabulous day and all the unhappiness washes away when you look into the eyes of your sprog.

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  1. Sounds like a good way to teach him that dinnertime is family time. And I think you’re right in not forcing him to eat. He’ll eventually eat when he sees you eating.Aai the parent issue sounds harrowing. If they at least had good excuses about why they don’t visit, it would still be alright? But their absence doesn’t sound normal to me 😦 Where do they live?

  2. Dinner routine sounds great…LO also used to nibble away when we ate supper.Parents……my dad never got to meet LO,he died before we could visit,sad but life is too short.

  3. We need a diningroom set….but so far Jessica will also take little bites from our plates – I think its good, gets her use to the taste of ‘grown up food’. She also eats better at school than at home… Hope you get something sorted with the inlaws! They cant just ignore the child, its their blood family!

  4. We built our own dining room table and the benches (we could not find the one we liked at a price we could afford). We did have to buy the chairs because those are far too specific for our DIY skills. It is great that they can get used to grow-up food and I am sure it will make cooking easier too. I think I am just going to have a heart to heart with MIL.

  5. Deblet, this is a great reason for Honeybear to meet his granparents. What if someone should pass away. I actually did not think about that. Thank you.

  6. They live in EC. So it is just another province, not the moon. I am now determined to have a chat with them. This cannot go on. The feeding seat has made a huge difference. He is eating better, and we are all a lot more relaxed about feeding.

  7. Sorry to hear about the family. I was really close to my Aunt and Uncle and somehow we drifter apart. BM is also nearly 8 months and they haven’t met him yet!

  8. No thats the saddest thing… They live about 30km away. It shouldn’t bother us so much but it hurts doesn’t it?

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