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Shooweee! I can now breathe again. Article done and dusted, sent off with the courier yesterday. At least that is out the way now, and I can get back to doing my normal job. Thanks for all the support guys.

Honeybear is still mastering the art of crawling. I am not sure if this is the reason he is waking so much now. We had gotten down to once a night, which was great, now we are back at about five times. We tried to get Hubby to comfort him back to sleep, without a feed, no go. He refuses to accept any comfort from Hubby. He will cry inconsolably until I get there. I can’t let him cry. Dr Sears suggests trying this. It is not the cry-it-out way, because the little one is in his Papa’s loving arms, but to Honeybear it may as well be cry-it-out. He will not settle until Mama is there. This is great for my ego, but hell on the rest of me.

So we have abandoned that. None of us has the strength to do it. We have talked about night weaning. We are not sure it will work for a few reasons:

-I am only breastfeeding at home, so without the night feedings there exists the possibility that my milk will dry up without this stimulation. We do want to breastfeed as long as possible, or one year, whichever comes first. So far we are enjoying the breastfeeding still, however, not the night time wakings.

-Breastfeeding is good for Honeybear and I want to do the best I can.

-Breastfeeding is way cheaper than formula milk

-Breastfeeding keeps me in shape, because I do watch my eating a little more carefully

-I am not sure we have the strength to attempt weaning right now.

-He may actually be hungry which is why he wakes? He is not one of those babies that is enjoying solids. He takes much convincing to get him to eat.

I keep telling myself this is not forever. He will not be doing this forever. I knew I would have less sleep once the baby came. I prepared myself. However, I am not doing well. I actually do need to sleep. Any good advice out there?

That is just one aspect of life with Honeybear. He is generally a good baby, even if he wants to be permanently attached to his Mama. He will play by himself for a bit, but he needs to be able to see me. I love that little one with everything in me, so I do not mind spending this time with him. I want him to remember that his parents were loving and spent time with him, not that they bought every new toy for him.

Parenting is such a huge responsibility. I scare myself when I think about the actual responsibility we have to raise a good, happy human being.

I just cannot seem to hold my concentration, this may a direct result of missing so much sleep.

How do you feel about posting pictures of your sprogs on the internet? I am a little wary of posting pictures of Honeybear. I just don’t want his pictures randomly floating around. I am not too sure why, it just seems a little wrong for a reason I cannot explain to myself. I email pictures every so often to friends and family. This list includes some of the people in the office, because they ask. I always thought that everyone understood these pictures were just for them, not to post it on Facebook, etc. I don’t do FB and Hubby does not do pictures on FB. I was upset to find one of the ladies in the office had sent pictures of Honeybear to a whole bunch of other people, who then send it to other people. I was at a meeting and the one consultant says my son is so cute. Which is harmless in itself, and then I thought, where did she see him. So I asked. She says she was emailed pictures of him. This is someone I work with occasionally. We do not have that kind of relationship. Why are people sending pictures to professionals I work with?!?! It does bother me and I seem to have no control over it. I know many people here post pictures of their sprogs, and I have too (the first post). However, it is your decision what you share. I feel that is taken away from me.

What killed me was when I saw some of our wedding pictures on Facebook. I wanted to scream. I don’t want to share that with everyone. And these were posted by someone who was not even at our wedding.

Is there some kind of etiquette about posting pictures on the internet? In this age of social networking etc….things get around so quickly.


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  1. I am the last person who can give advice on better sleeping habits, sorry!As for the pics, it is very much a personal decision. I do post pics here and on FB, and I don’t mind other people posting pics of us if it was taken at an event with their own camera because that it part of their memories, funnily enough I get very irritated when an aunt of Stephen’s takes my profile pic from bbm (always of Layla) and then posts it on FB. Makes me mad!!! If I want t on FB I’ll put it there myself! If you don’t want the pics out there then everyone needs to respect that.

  2. With the sleep give him cereal before he sleeps.we gave bub a night cereal but I actually think it normal cereal marketed differently Re pics…I would be mortified. I also email them. then sb told me my cousins put our pic on fb…I have zero contact with her…..I think in the bigger picture we must think peadophiles and child traficking…it’s scrary but very real and every day children go missing…

  3. I also am terrible with letting them cry.Hubbie did sleep training with all 3 our girls.Pics on net and FB are a choice….if you don’t like it say something

  4. I think if u can try giving him cereal before he sleeps as it was suggested earlier it might help.You must let the people u usually sent pics to know that u don’t like it when they distribute without your consent.

  5. I dont like leaving them to cry, and sometimes they just want mommy! Jessica would be wide awake, crying – I take her, sit down and hold her, not even 5min later she’s fast asleep. She sleeps through, you have all my sympathy’s for the wake times! Hope he learns soon food is wonderful! I put up pics on my blog & some on FB, for the blog friend and family who dont get to see Jessica so often.

  6. Perhaps he’s having a growth spurt, hence the wakings?Just keep telling yourself that this won’t last. I know it’s difficult, but Honeybear will settle. I still “sleep when baby sleeps” and L is 3 in July, but I love the afternoon naps over a weekend. L never really kept us up at night, not even as a little one, so I don’t really know what it feels like to be absolutely exhausted all the time. Just stick with it, here we like to say “this too shall pass”I’ve posted a few pics of L on my blog, but I don’t think I’ll do so soon. DH raised a few goo points about having your pics out there, it’s so easy for someone to copy. But at the end of the day it’s up to you. I like to think the we at P24 aren’t phychsos (?) Some of us post pics, but never give locations, names or even post pics of the kids friends.That about other people posting your pics is so wrong, and I would have it out with them if I were you, like you said, it’s your choice who sees your pics.

  7. We have two different kins of good nights cereal. I alos think it is marketing. he goes to sleep very easy, but he does not sleep for long strecthes, and is unable to put himself back to sleep without me.

  8. I have decided not to send pics to any one other than family. I know it will pass. I keep saying it to myself.

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