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I don’t really know what to post, there are a few things floating in my head.

Honeybear is doing a weird leaping thing. He can’t quite crawl yet. He gets up like like a push up and then pushes off with his feet. It is really weird. Cute. We are still waking numerous times at night, but at least he is beginning to eat now.

Reading ladee’s post about sleep training made me think about choices as parents. We are just letting Honeybear dictate and try to fit in as much of what he wants and needs as opposed to us imposing our will and desires. Before we had a child, I always believed that the child would fit into our lifestyle, not the other way around. Now that we have Honeybear, I cannot imagine forcing him to do anything. It might not be the right way, but that is the way we are parenting for now.

If he does not want to eat, we leave it. If he wants to breastfeed every hour, we breastfeed every hour. It is very exhausting, but when I see that little face giggling up at me, I cannot do it any other way. I know Hubby would like to try sleep training, but I don’t think he has the strength for it either. We just wake and deal with it. We try to let Hubby get him back to sleep first, and if that does not work, we succumb and breastfeed.

I was against using a dummy, but there was no way we could change a nappy or bath him without it the first 2 months. He would scream, and the dummy was the only thing that would calm him. I want to take the dummy away now, but I see he is beginning to suck his thumb if he can’t have the dummy. So we will wait.

As soon as he starts to fuss, he gets picked up. I hate to see him cry. Hubby says Honeybear has me wrapped around his little finger. I know it is true, but he is so little. He will only be my baby for this little while. How can I not give in to his little whimpers and giggles?

We did co-sleep for a while and some nights I just end up staying in his room when I fall asleep breastfeeding. Co-sleeping is good, but I found that I could not really sleep well. I was having really bad backache sleeping twisted next to Honeybear. We moved him into his own room at 3 months. It works well. He sleeps and we sleep soundly in between feedings.

My Mom believes we are spoiling him, and so do many other people. However, we will continue to do what we are comfortable with.

My sister on the other hand has a strict schedule and her little one must adhere to it no matter what. She is also a smacker. I do not believe in smacking children. I was surprised at how many smacks and shouts her little one gets. And A lot of it comes from trying to force him into a schedule she has created and it is actually not working. If she gets overly frustrated she smacks otherwise she just walks away and leaves him and punishes him by not giving him his milk until she deems he has learnt a lesson.

I feel for that little one. I think she is bordering on child abuse. Smacking out of anger is not the way to go. I am not sure what I can do. I have spoken to her about it.

I am very tired today and I am waiting to get home so I can relax a little. Honeybear had a bad night and the one time Hubby wake to attend him, I had to wake too.

I miss my Mom lots and I wish I was nearer so we could visit more often.


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  1. I agree with you – we’ve adjusted our lives around Caleb instead of making him adapt to our schedules. I don’t believe in smacking out of anger or just because, or taking his milk away to teach him a lesson. That’s horribly unfair. I do, however believe in discipline and if a hiding is what it takes to teach a lesson, then so be it. But smacking a child unnecessarily jsut because he’s not adjusting to your schedule is seriously wrong.

  2. I know. I just wish she would stop or i could do something for the little one. We will cross the smacking bridge when we get there…I still don’t believe it is the right way, hubby does not agree with me.

  3. We also said no way we are adjusting to the baby, baby must ‘fit/adjust’ to us…anyways… proven that wrong! hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ Its good to read up on stuff, but dont trust/believe everything you read as gospel. Find what works for you I say! ๐Ÿ™‚

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