3-day weekend


I was all for coming to work on Friday and then Hubby tells me that he is definitely not going to work and we are spending it together. We all slept in a little and then I dropped Honeybear at daycare while hubby did some repair thing on his car. I almost did not leave Honeybear, but the lady said I should just go and enjoy the day.

Had breakfast and then hubby and I went off to do all the things we had planned. We finally found a carseat that fits our cars and had that put in. Did a bit of shopping around for Hubby’s birthday gift (this involved several stores in various malls). Hubby is determined to get a specific something so we still don’t have it.

We stopped for lunch and then we went and fetched Honeybear. We spent the afternoon just lazing about. Dinner was already made. After Honeybear was in bed, we had dinner and watched movie. Hubby loves movies. I managed to stay awake through the whole thing! I was surprised. We went to bed and had a nice sleep before Honeybear woke for the first of the night feeds.

Saturday was far too busy for me. Hubby’s birthday and trying to clean up and trying to go out without Hubby (he had to work all day), it was almost grey hair for me. We survived and spent a lazy Sunday. Honeybear and I slept all cuddled up for four whole hours during the day. It was such bliss.

Sunday was one of those days you dream about when you are pregnant. The things you will do with your baby. He slept cuddled against my tummy, holding onto my hand. His head tucked under my chin. I loved it. Honeybear is one of those independent sleepers and normally sleeps spread out all over the place (like I used to sleep until I met Hubby). My parents used to come wake me and get me to straighten up ( even in my early twenties). They believed I would get muscle strain sleeping all twisted like that.

I was waiting for Hubby’s food yesterday (it was part of his birthday request, food from a specific restaurant). The ladies there were all over Honeybear. He even got a free set of cars (he is too young to play with them). The one lady said to me she wants twins. I mentioned that twins always sound like a great idea until you have kids. She said that you just have to get them into a routine and after the first week they sleep through. I wanted to burst out laughing like a crazy woman. I just left it and nodded my head.

I know all about babies “sleeping through” and “routine”. Those are words you read in baby magazines and books and the internet. It is not real (for me anyway)

Honeybear and I attended a party without Hubby on Saturday. He did not do well. He cried at everybody who tried to talk to him and just clung to me. I was very surprised because he is normally one of those babies that smile at anyone and go to anyone. Maybe it was too much on Saturday, and he may have picked up on my frazzled state (getting dressed to go out with a baby is not good, alone). Anyway, I eventually got him to sleep and I ate and I left soon after.

There were many other babies there and they all appeared very friendly. Ah well, all children are not the same. The mother of the older kids said to me it is because he can recognise faces by now. Also, he cannot form attachments with so many people. I felt better.

He is beginning to eat a little better. He likes the cereal since we have changed to a different type and also likes the veggies better. I have totally dispensed with baby food and just give him a little of our food (if it is suitable) otherwise I just cook him up something.

I love to make him giggle. Hubby has still not had a proper giggle from him, I think Honeybear is a mama’s boy for now. I suspect it won;’t be for long. He will probably be trailing after his papa as soon as he can, so I will treasure this time where mama is the best thing ever.

I love that little person so much, I cannot believe that he is actually ours to take of. It amazes me everytime I see him.


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  1. Sounds like you had usch a blissfully nice weekend. My son is also an independent sleeper and hardly ever sleeps on top of me. The times when he does are just so precious.

  2. I’m glad you had a nice rustige weekend with Hubby and Honeybear! He sounds like such a sweetie pie! 🙂

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