Stay or go?


Hubby and I got things a little confused and we thought the daycare is closed tomorrow. So hubby took the day off to spend with Honeybear. Yesterday I decided to surprise them and take the day off too (it is hubby’s birthday Saturday but he is working). I had planned out a whole day of birthday celebration for the three of us.

I mixed it all up and the daycare is actually open. So I told hubby it is open tomorrow, without telling him my birthday plan. He said he would go to work in that case. I was so disappointed. I know why he needs to work, but he already has the day off. His work is difficult and in retail Friday is not a good day for leave, but he does actually have the day off anyway.

Later in the evening I mentioned the birthday plans to him. He was really apologetic and said it was fine. He would take the leave day. I said no. Work is more important as he needs leave days to have a root canal done. So I said he should just save his days and I would throw out my signed leave form.

Now when I think about how tired I am and how much attention the house needs, I am toying with the idea of maybe still taking the day off. Hubby can take Honeybear to daycare, and I can have the day to springclean the house, without a baby needing me and also to get in an afternoon nap.

To say I am tired is not even describing the way I feel. The night feedings are really killing me slowly.

The good angel pops up on my right shoulder and asks me how can I? How can I have a free day and not want to spend it with Honeybear. I do want to. And I feel like if I am not going to work I should have him home with me. We can have a pajama day. I remember reading the little rhyme about cobwebs staying at bay while mama rocks baby. Spring cleaning could just wait.

I am still not decided. For now I stuck the leave form in my desk drawer. I can always withdraw it tomorrow if I come to work or hand it in on Monday if I decide to stay home.

What would you do?  


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  1. Ah, difficult one. I think guilt would also make me feel very bad for taking Honeybear to daycare whilst staying at home. That said, a happy mommy = hapy baby and having some time to rest and recouperate will do you the world of good!

  2. I would stay home and send baby to day care. Bad as that sounds, we really need some ME Time for the sake of our sanity.You will be of more fun to family with little household duties to take care of and a well rested you:)

  3. I would leave him at day care, he is cared for and stimulated by having other kids around…when he gets back he will have a nice clean home to play in 🙂 its not posibble to do it with them around, all on ur own.

  4. Hmmm, when DH has a day off I still take L to Ouma & Oupa coz he usually has some mucking about to do around the house.Don’t feel bad about taking a day for yourself. You deserve it and you’ll have more energy to play with Honeybear when he comes home from schoolI say, take the day, enjoy it and have a nap.

  5. I would let him go to day care. Then you can quickly clean, have a nap and fetch him early from day care. That way you get the cleaning done, your nap in and a a little extra time with your Honeybear. 🙂

  6. I don’t see anything wrong with you wanting to stay home and have a moment for yourself and also time to do some house cleaning. There is nothing wrong with that. I think at times we need it.

  7. Both things are great- it’s awesome to spend time with your kids, but you’ll also probably enjoy being a great mom if you’re feeling rested.

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