Icky old stuff


Yesterday we received a parcel from Hubby’s parents. It was really nice of them to send it to us. I do appreciate the effort. I just wish they has thought more about what was put into it. I feel a certain way, but it feels like I am being a spoilt brat.

The parcel had many toys in it for Honeybear, however, not a single toy was bought with Honeybear in mind. All the stuff was really old and they belonged to Hubby or one of his sisters. It is great that MIL kept this tuff, because it brings back memories for them, but I am not a part of those memories so I look at the toys, etc, with a more objective mind. They are basically old (some more that 43 years old). They smell funny and some are broken. I don’t want Honeybear to be playing with toys that I am afraid has eco-systems living in them. These things have been stored in a box somewhere for years now. Some of the toys have small pieces that are not safe, in my eyes.

When it comes down to it……they are old and icky and I don’t want Honeybear to touch them. How to put this diplomatically to hubby who has sentimental attachment, and not to offend MIL. I want to chuck the stuff in a bin, I would not even donate it because it is icky. Why must some other child have to use what I don’t consider safe?

I just packed it all away yesterday.

Why can’t they just buy Honeybear something new, for him, because they want to and they have him in mind. He actually does not need toys and I would rather they just visited. Honeybear is just over 6 months old and they have never seen him. (they live only 1400km away)

MIL knitted more booties. They are cute but too small. And I hate putting booties on him, it is so difficult to tie those little strings, socks are way easier. But I cannot say that to her.

Ugh, now I sound like the fussy daughter-in-law. It does not help that my parents always buy new stuff and my Mom is coming to see Honeybear for the third time (and we visited my parents). It is not about gifts. I don’t want it. I just don’t want anything that is old and icky and I have to keep just because it belonged to so and so. Just call and ask about how he is doing. Come visit. There is no need to send parcels of things the fussy DIL does not want in her house.

I will be blatant because this is my blog and I can say what I want and it does not mean I want to hurt my family (I just can’t say it to them).

I think they are being cheap and it is all in really bad taste to send old, icky stuff to Honeybear. It feels like he is not good enough for something thought about or to visit.

Do they even know how sad hubby is that they have made no attempt to visit our son?


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  1. I don’t think it would be so bad if they hadn’t sendt something new also. My MIL has send old toys from DH’s childhood before but she has always included something new in with it which kind of makes it a bit better. Are they really, really icky? Because at first sight I wasn’t so keen on the old toys either but with a wash and a bit of disinfectant some weren’t that bad. And the kids don’t seem to care about the age of the toy, just how fun it is. I think it’s ridiculous they haven’t visited. My parents are similar, they’ve seen Ash once since he was born and he will be 1 next month.

  2. Perhaps hubby should mention to them about not visiting.I must say, I’m also a bit of a spoilt brat then, can’t imagine giving L old icky toys

  3. Almost same issues here – my MIL bought Blossom one of those cute porcelain eating sets for babies. She thinks it will be cute to keep for Blossom. Now, I am not a hoarder at all and although I get the cuteness, in my mind it is very impractical and will only use up cupboard space, she could have used the money and bought Blossom a cute nice dress – at least we would have been able to use it, and I could take a picture and keep that for Blossom. Jip, I know, I too sound a little spoilt hey!

  4. Also got a box of Hubby’s very old cars and planes and stuff from MIL, keeping them locked up until Caleb is old enough to play with them! Also with you on the booties, they’re tough to get on!

  5. The cars are still coming. I’ve been told they are collectors items and not for playing, for displaying. I said I don’t want it. If we get it, Honeybear will play with them.

  6. Glad to know it is not just me. Hubby has spoken to them and I even called MIL and spoke to her and told her about hubby being sad. That was two months ago.

  7. I have washed the soft toys and put them in the sun. There is some stuff that can’t be washed or stil smell. I shall persevere and try to salvage more.

  8. Oh, ok. Soft toys. I wouldn’t want to keep soft toys either! The stuff we were given was toy cars and puzzle type things. I can’t imagine soft toys will ever come right, yuck!

  9. This was the last blog i read last night :)its nice of her to have sent the stuff…hmm but maybe for ur hubby and not for baby…my mil also gave us back a few things when we got married, but not for the boy tho’ if she had i would have not used it aswell…my mil also knits jerseys,hats and scarves for bub…and becasue we are not there…it fits all wrong and weird..i have let him wear them at home but not in public…she keeps asking me if she should knit more, and i said not right now!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. PS: make baby play with the toys, take some pics and post it to them…then store them away…everybody stays happy..

  11. That is a very clever idea. I shall definitely take some pictures and then they are packed away until I can find a way to get rid of them. I too read blogs in bed. Yesterday I was scolded for reading blogs instead of sleeping. I love the internet functions on my phone. I just canโ€™t login from my phone.

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