I cannot believe people do not strap their children in! What are you thinking when put your child into the car and you don’t strap them in. Car-seats and seat belts are not fashion accessories or optional items.   They are essential when travelling in a moving vehicle. Do people know nothing about inertia? Do they think that it is going to be ok?

Even if you are not involved in a motor vehicle incident, just stopping at a traffic light, slowing for a speed bump, all these force you forward, it is the law of inertia. And if you brake too hard, it can have fatal effects. Ever read Tracy Todd’s blog?

She is an inspirational writer and has really been optimistic in her outlook on life. How did she end up in a wheelchair……she removed her seatbelt to attend to her baby. She was not expecting the car ahead to have a tyre blowout.

What must you do when you see an idiot parent…..stop and tell them and have them bite your head off? Or do you just pray for them?


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  1. oh no, i hate it when i see children not strapped in! and when i told hubby little m will be sitting in a chair till at least two, he gave me a ‘no way in hell!’ look and answer. but we’ll see, i’m not putting our child at risk because ‘everyone is doing it’. agree with tourmaline though, pray for the child! xx

  2. Yay on you for calling them out, but I don’t think that they will be reading this as they probably don’t subscribe to Parent24, being irresponsible and all.Even tho L is strapped in his car seat, I still put my arm in front of him if I have to break suddenly (he sits in front with me)Tut tut.

  3. All parents that don’t strap in their kids should be named and shamed!!!! It’s blatantly irresponsible and just plain STUPID!!! I get sooo mad when i see kids climbing all over the car, hanging out the window etc … totally UNACCEPTABLE!

  4. Thanks for redirecting to Tracy’s blog entry about her experience. I am also fanatical about seatbelts, but could also make a similar error- just once, undoing it for a second in order to sort something out. I’ll definitely think twice about doing that. The car doesn’t get switched on unless my kids are buckled in.

  5. Hi… i feel the same way about those people. you can call 0861 400 800 and report them. What they do is then send the driver of the vehicle a letter stating that by law etc etc. Not sure what happens after that though. I have called in a few times.

  6. There should be no compromise on strapping in. Car-seats are not that expensive when it comes to safety. If you can afford a car, you can afford a car seat.

  7. Agreed. Unacceptable. Children must be protected by adults, not adults deliberately putting their lives in danger.

  8. I know what you mean about seat-belts. And it is so easy to think it is for just a minute you are going to unstrap because your baby is crying or you need to get your keys from the back.

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