My sex tips for moms


There seems to be very little kinky going around on the sprogblogs. I totally understand. After the baby the is “wait six weeks” thing. The baby takes up so much time and energy that to get kinky is not on the list of things to indulge in. In fact there is no time for indulgence.

This is what we did: Asked the doc for a pill safe for baby and still works. And then we just play. Sometimes I just fall asleep and sometimes we get to the ultimate end.

I think we need to be relaxed about it. Life changes after a baby and it takes time to get back into doing things like you used to. I find, that like everything else, one needs to plan ahead and most importantly be spontaneous. I know that is contradictory, but in the context of sex, it makes sense.

Plan ahead so you are not at your most tired, but don’t think that every time, you have to go the whole way through. A bit of kissing and cuddling is ok too. You don’t have to wait for bedtime.

Our secret tool: Durex 2 in 1. It is great stuff. It can be used as a massage oil…..smells nice and I love a good massage, and if you are relaxed but not asleep, it can work wonders if things progress further than a massage. (Safe to use with condoms)

Hubby and I have managed to get the bedroom antics back on track. For me, the most important thing was to feel attractive for myself. After the pregnancy I felt ugly and gross. It took time to believe that hubby still found me attractive.

Just taking some time to do your eyebrows, shave your legs, put on some pretty underwear…they all lead to making you feel good about yourself, and you being more pliable when it comes to kinky business. Don’t do this for hubby, do it for you.

Don’t feel pressure about performing. You are responsible for your own happiness….and pleasure, not your hubby.



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  1. It’s been nearly 3 years since I had L and I still feel so not in the mood. I think a big part of it is that I don’t feel sexy in myself, bigger bum, bigger tummy, flabby boobs, the works. *sigh*

  2. For me,too, getting over the way my body changed was a huge factor. I think you need to learn to be more happy with you first. You sound like so much fun from your blogs…you will make it work for you.

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