Date night? Really?


Could I get any worse with the blogging? I still read all the blogs but I am unable to comment from my phone. I sit twice a day reading blogs while I pump breastmilk.

I am still trying my best to feed Kitten breastmilk. I pump during the time we are away and send those as bottles to daycare and at night we breastfeed. It has been three weeks doing this and I feel a little frazzled, but happy.

All this baby stuff leaves me fairly exhausted and by 21h00 both hubby and I are tired and falling asleep.

That has spelled the slow death of a very successful sex life.

There is no lack of enthusiasm for either of us, but we do not seem to have the time to get around to it. Baby goes to bed fairly easily so we cannot blame him. Then it is dinner and getting stuff ready for the next day. And then we are too tired with one of us falling asleep.

It has not been a total drought, but it is not as numerous as it used to be.

We talk about it all the time…like people on a diet who talk about food all the time.

We decided to try the date night thing tonight. It seems to work for other people. It seems odd to be scheduling in kinky time, but it feels like if we do not add it to the schedule we are going to never have sex anymore because we are too busy. That is a sin!

How does everyone else manage it? Feeding baby, dressing him, putting him to bed, playing with him….where is the married time? How do you organise your life to still do all those married people things you used to do?

Are hubby and I just too lazy or are we just too disorganised? I know sex is not everything, but it is a pretty big part of life for hubby and I. Life without, especially when there is a sexy hubby in your space, is not easy.

Date night tonight: After Kitten has been put to bed, we will have dinner. This will be a dress up dinner and we will take it from there.

All the above was written but not posted…..ran outta time.   Date night did not quite go as planned. We went out to get some snacks for date night and ended up with dinner too. When we arrived home, we did Kitten’s night-time routine and put him to bed. By then I was so exhausted I was falling asleep on my feet. Decided to shower in the morning and Hubby sent me to bed. I was planning to wait for him, to progress to the kinky parts of date night, however, I awoke for the midnight feed (fallen asleep before hubby could come to bed L) That was that.

Saturday was very busy and the morning was not an option because Kitten was in the bed with us. We had dinner guests and after dinner I again fell asleep before hubby. Poor man. After all the promises. Poor me, I was so looking forward to it.

Finally Sunday morning J It was worth the wait.


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  1. I would really suggest somebody that can sleep in your house while you and hubby go out for the evening.And please, leve the baby in his cot – easiest way to destroy adult time – having a baby with you in bed.Glad it was worth it in the end though 😉

  2. You would be surprised what you can do while brushing your teeth or having a shower, sometimes you have to grab a “quickie” when you have a chance. It will get easier as your little one gets older. xx

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