Back into the swing …with a new ball


I have been writing this post since last Thursday already. So, hopefully you will read it today.

Where are all my days running away to? Only just back for a week and I have piles to do already. I am happy with how things are going so far, I think. I am managing to be organised and take care of everything. Pumping has been successful so far. I really hope I can continue, since I do not really have a suitable place to do it.

Honeybear is happy, though sick. I was so worried I slept with him the last two nights. It is worrying when Honeybear does not want to drink. He only drank one bottle Monday and I only managed to feed him when he is asleep. We knew we would sleep less when Honeybear arrived. Hubby is wonderful. He gives me massages and carries all my bags to my car and makes sure Honeybear is dressed for bed. And all the little things that need getting done. Who would have thought that such a little person needs so much? Getting medicine down him is heartbreaking. He cries so much. We use the syringes and they work, but Honeybear does not like it one bit. You live and you learn. (And since this is post is days later, this morning he did not cry at all when we dosed him. I even managed to put his eye-drops in without a problem.)

The caregiver says that he is so cute that she wants to play with him and thus he does not sleep much during the day. They asked if they could start feeding him cereal.

I really struggled with myself about that. Thank you all for the advice. Hubby and I talked about it and read more. We have decided not to start just yet. I figure that he has the whole of his life to eat solids and cereal. If we start a little late, he will still be ok. I do not want to start too early and create problems for his possibly undeveloped digestive system. Most of what we read says that breastmilk has sufficient nutrients for a year. We want to wait as close to six months as possible. Also, he is sick now, and we do not want to start new things while is feeling unwell.

The caregiver says he is hungry and the milk is weak. I did second guess myself until I remembered that the breastmilk is what is good for him and nothing can be better. I have pumped all week and managed to keep up with what he drinks with some to spare for my back-up freezer stash. I figure if he is hungry, he will drink all the bottles I send. He always leaves one bottle, so I figure the child is not starving.

Hubby is eager to feed him, just because it is a new experience. I also don’t want the daycare to be the first to feed him cereal. Mama and Papa should be there to share it with him, so we will start him at home when we decide.

I think I am beginning to feel more confident in myself again. I am starting to be a Working Mama who feels like she can manage to keep all these balls in the air (for now)


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  1. Horrible giving such a small thing meds, poor little thingRemember that eating solids also helps with babies development of the mouth and tongue and therefore also speech, etc, so I’ve read.

  2. I know about meds – a syringe works best- its over quickly! We started with rice cereal once a day around 4 months. We did this in the evenings, so we were the 1st to introduce her to solids! About a month later, the creche started giving cereal for breakfast, and then slowly introduced veggies for ‘lunch’. iPeople tend to think breastmilk is weak, because its ‘lighter’ in color than formula! Keep it up – its great for baby!

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