Almost one week


Almost a whole week back at work.  I already feel overwhelmed and like I have too much to do.  I will get it done.  I know myself and this time I will ask for the help I need.

Honeybear seems to be loving daycare and I am happier.  He is always smiling when I drop him off and when I fetch him.  So far the expressing and breastfeeding is working.  Just barely.  I do not have a reliable private place to express.  The pump is noisy and really just works better with mains electricity than the batteries.  The toilets don’t have electrical points and I work in an open office.  I am not sure what to do. I really want to breastfeed until at least six months.

Hubby and I have  put our schedule into motion and it does work to be organised, however, we both still need more sleep.  I am draging myself through the evenings because I am so tired by 5 ‘o clock.  I think I need time to adjust to the working Mom routine.  We will make it work and Honeybear will eventually sleep for longer stretches.

When do you start baby on solids? I know yu start cereal and very little to begin with.  Honeybear has decent neck control and the beginnings of a tooth.  He is double his birth weight now.  I am afraid to start too soon.  Any advice?  I know what you read in books and the internet is not always what is acceptable o your baby.

BAck to work for me….have to scout a place to pump 😦

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  1. I gave Liam a bit of Ceralac porridge when he was about 2 months old, just a few spoons. When he was about 4 months old we started with mashed veggies and about 5 months he was happily chomping away on whole strawberries.Just give it a bash, if Honeybear isn’t interested, try again in a few days.

  2. I realised that Jerry was hungry for more than just milk when she was about 3 months old and started her on a spoon of pumpkin a night. By the time she was 4 months old she was eating about 4 spoons of porridge in the morning and about 5 or 6 spoons of mashed veggies at night. Try HoneyBear and see if he likes it – he’ll soon show whether its time yet or not. 🙂

  3. Some people start their babies on solids very early, from four months or so. On the other hand, some docs recommend nothing but breastmilk/formula for up to a year. We have loads of articles and expert opinions on Parent24 if you put in the search term “weaning” or “solids”. Often it depends on the baby!

  4. The signs to look out for to know that they are ready is if they are staring at you or your hubby when you are eating or they try to grab your food. Also if they open their mouths when you give them a bit of a taste with what you are eating. If they are able to sit up (with a bit of support if needed) If they start getting more and more hungry at night when they reach 4 months. A good age to start is around 4.5 months. You can start with Cerelac or Nestle rice cereals and use 2 tsps and mix with their formula or breastmilk. They will spit out in the beginning and might not like it but you must continue trying. It is really messy. Then after about two weeks, you can start increasing by 1 tsp and after a month you can introduce cereal at night for about two weeks and then you can start them on your yellow veggies that is steamed or boiled and soft and mashed mixed with a bit of water or breastmilk to make it almost runny pasty. You can also read the book Food Sense. It is really good.

  5. Scott D, dr’s now are recommending that you start them on solids from about 17 weeks, (4.5 months) and not 6 months like what they did a year or two ago.

  6. I only started late with solids and then we did fruit and veg only,because of all the allergies.Difficult not to start with good old baby pap.Good luck

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