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Hello All,

I am properly back now.  And I am a Mama.  Our Kitten is 4 months old next week.   He has grown so much already.  He can roll over onto his tummy.  No longer can I leave him on the bed or the couch.  He has to lie in his cot or on the floor.  I feel it is safer.  The rolling over is giving me sleepless nights.  I worry he will roll over onto his face and won’t be able to breathe.  Yes, we have a baby monitor, but it only tells me he is not breathing after 15 seconds. 

Also, he has the beginnings of a tooth.  I felt it first when feeding him and then took a look to see what was going on.  I can’t belive my Kitten is changing so much.

He is in daycare and Hubby and I are very happy that they will take good care of him and he seemed happy too, yesterday.  It is amazing how much having a child changes you.  I am no longer so shy.  I love holding that little body and wait for his smile in the morning.  Kitten is on my mind constantly.  I will do anything for him. 

Back at work and it feels like I never left.  I am happy too, at being back.  I always liked my work and glad to be doing it again.  I can do it without worrying if Kitten is ok. 

I do suffer from sleep deprivation, but I knew it would happen.  Hubby seems to be suffering.  Kitten sleeps for three hours at the most.  Sometimes he wakes sooner.  I still breastfeed, and I am hoping I will be able to manage breastfeeding while working.  I will see how it pans out. Kitten is in his own room, so breastfeeding is not so easy as when he slept in our room those first weeks.  However, we all need sleep, even in short bursts, so we moved him to his room.  I feel a bit bad about leaving him to sleep on his own, but I sleep better.  I tell myself a happy Mama means a happy baba.

While on maternity leave I did not do much besides take care of Kitten.  It is amazing what one can learn in a short period of time.  It is amazing to watch that little baby everyday.

Hubby is a great Dad.  He is still afraid to bath Kitten.  I bath Kitten and then Hubby takes him and dresses him.  We had to work out a schedule yesterday.  Now that I am working too, we need to be more organised in order to get everything done and still have time to spend playing with Kitten and getting in our adult time too. 

I can get so caught up with Kitten that sometimes I forget about Hubby.  We now put Kitten to bed and then we sit down and talk and do all those things married people are supposed to do.  Having a child greatly changes your entire mindset and life.

I am writing this post all over the place.  So much has happened.  I don’t think I can write it all.

Kitten was born via c-section after 12 hours of trying to give birth naturally.  The c-section was not as bad as I thought it would be and recovery was fairly quick.  I have lost more weight than I gained during the pregnancy.

My Mom came to help us the first week.  Hubby had two weeks leave and then I was on my own.  It was tough.  Breastfeedig the first 5 weeks was a nightmare and I cried and was ready to give up.  But then one day, it all was well and I was enjoying it.  I am hoping to manage to breastfeed to minimum of 6 months and then we will see. 

I think what turned the leaf for me, I stopped trying to be shy about feeding and just did it.  I gave in to the experience.  I don’t care about feeding in public.  I just cover up and feed him, if I can’t find a decent baby room.  Breastfeeding is natural and should be treated as such.  My child comes first and I will do what needs to be done wherever it needs to be done.

My parents have visited with him and all my family have met Kitten.  My in laws, however, have stll not got their act together and made a plan to see him.  I feel really bad for hubby.  I know it hurts him that his parents are full of excuses as to why they cannot come visit.  Every moth we hear a new one.  They have had a year (to date) to make plan to come visit.  They easily came to us when they needed a place to stay in Pretoria while they took care of their admin here.  Why can they not do the same for their grandchild? For their son?  It is too depressing to think about.  I am very surprised that they have not visited yet.

So much more, but I guess it must wait for another blog.

Happy day to all.


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