I am Mama….wow. On the 16th September this year I became Mama. It still amazes me.

At 01h30 on the morning of the 16th September I awoke because once again I needed the toilet. I had taken to sleeping on the couch because it was easier to get upright from the couch then the bed. Hubby had been up late and was now sleeping soundly.

I went into the toilet and I was wet. Waters broke? So I go wake Hubby and tell I think my waters have broken….he asks if I am sure. I was standing there dripping so I said I was sure. I told him to go back to bed and I would go Google it to make sure. So I changed and lay on the couch and checked Google.   I was to lie down for a half hour, then stand up. Then see if I was wet. Well, five minutes and I was already wet again. I decided to call the hospital.

I spoke to the night sister and she said that I should stay at home for the next hour then come in, if the pain had not yet started. So I decided to shower, and dry my hair and iron and made myself some hot chocolate. I was excited. I woke Hubby again at three and said we should go to the hospital now. We got there at 03h30.

The sister was expecting me. She checked me out and said I was about 2cms dilated and the waters were broken and the baby was coming today. I was excited. The process begins. I received the enema, endless paperwork, and a huge maternity pad to catch the water still coming out.

I said I wanted an epidural. I was going to do the vaginal birth, but not without drugs. I was told that they could only give it after labour had progressed to a certain stage. Ok….so I walked around, spoke to a lady whose daughter was at 10cm and she was waiting to hear the news. I walked and walked. At 06h00 my gynae was called and told I was in labour. By then I was about 3cm. My gynae arrived at about 09h00. She said I was at 3cm, but my membranes were not completely ruptured. So out comes the huge crochet hook thing and she ruptures the membrane. Ouch! It was sore. After she left the pain started. It was bad, but I could handle it. Then it starts to get worse and I keep telling Hubby to go ask about my epidural. The labour sister must have thought I was complaining because I was only at 3cm. She eventually comes to check: “ You cannot get an epidural, she says, you are 7cm dilated” I was as surprised as she was. It was only 10h30 now. My gynae too, was surprised. She came to check and, yes I was past the stage of epidural. It was painful, so I got given something to make me sleep. By now I was out of it. I was drugged and in pain and all I could do was tell Hubby to help me. Hubby was in tears, watching me….By 11h00 I was 8cm dilated and there I stayed. The baby would not come down further. They decided at13h30 that it was time for a c-section. I did not care by then, baby needed to come. I was taken to the theatre, given the spinal block….and all was bliss. Honeybear was born at 13h55. I was smiling, Hubby was in tears. Honeybear was given to me as soon as he was checked out and I held him all the way into the ward. They then took him away so they could sort me out. They brought him back soon and I breastfed him. It was amazing. This little being was our son. Hubby just looked and looked. It was amazing.

I was really drugged so things were a little surreal. People spoke to me and I answered but I knew I was a bit out there. Honeybear was taken to the baby room and brought to me to feed only, that night.

I don’t remember much of the pain, only that there was pain. It was a beautiful day that Honeybear arrived.


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  1. Well, congratulations to you hun! Hope he brings you and your hubby years and years of untold joy and happiness.Congrats and enjoy! 🙂

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