Min dae


Almost time for maternity leave…..I cannot wait! Therefore, when you do not hear from me, it is because I am on maternity leave. I shall still read your posts, however, I am unable to make comments from home. My phone does not allow me to login.

Baby stuff is about done. We just need to put the cot together and then everything is finished. The cot assembly is awaiting the delivery of the cot bed, which happens this week. I am so excited!

I am going to finish the bed linen this week, though I think it might be a bit early to make up the bed just yet. I don’t want Kitten in a dusty bed. Also, once it is made up, our furry kitty will want to go sleep in the bed.

I was surprised when a consultant did not know I was pregnant. I am 36 weeks along now…surely you can see the bump? It has to be people that are just plain unobservant. Really now, this child is supposed to be a big one and I have put on weight…8kgs to be exact. I am not just fat, I’m pregnant! Am pretty sure that I look preggies and not just fat. My normal pants still fit, my rings and shoes all still fit. The only new items I needed are bras and shirts.

Getting all the UIF stuff done, and now wishing I had started earlier…those forms are confusing to my pregnant brain.

Finally getting sore now. Pelvic pain….doc did say it would happen the more Kitten moves downwards. His head was already down but not engaged yet (too early anyway).

Hubby is sick again. For the third time. I was pretty horrified when I saw his nose pouring blood this weekend. I did not know what to do. And he would not let me help him. I think his nose is traumatised by his violent blowing. I told him to be gentle, I tried to get him to rest, but the man does not listen. My Mom finally said that he has to be well for when the baby arrives so he finally took a break.

I realised Kitten is having a green room. Bright shades of green. Now that everything is together in his room, I realise we do have a colour scheme….green, with bits of blue.

Looking forward to the next doctor’s visit. She is going to do the internal exam to see where Kitten is and if my pelvis is wide enough to handle the delivery. I feel great and I am pretty sure my pelvis is wide enough.

I should go finish the last bits of work and attend to cleaning my desk. Looking forward to my time to myself before Kitten arrives!


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  1. Its really good that they are checking if the pelvis can handle it…instead of putting u through hrs of labour for nothing…and if u say baby is big, its good ur doing it…

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