Yipee…just holding onto the final days before maternity leave kicks in. I am so looking forward to lying quietly, instead of dealing with gunk. And we move closer to Kitten’s birth. I can hardly wait. I am getting so excited. A bit worried about the birth thing, my doc says not to worry. She says it will all be fine. I will have everything I need and Kitten will be fine. So I am trying not to think about too much and let it happen. She says he is going to be big…possibly he will come early.

Next week I think I will feel better. It will be 36 weeks and he will be safe to be born any time after that. I am waiting excitedly for my little Kitten so I can see what he looks like and smells like and feels like.

Hubby is looking a bit sick again, I am still not over my cold, but such it life. Hubby is still not understanding my need for things to be tidy all the time. He is serial crumb dropper. It drives me mad. However, I know preggy hormones is making me nuts too.

It feels like summer and I am loving the warm weather. I can actually wear all those maternity shirts I have. I seem to have wasted my money on the maternity pants. My normal pants still fit fine and the maternity ones are too large to stay up.

Hubby and I are going to have a baby!


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  1. I also had trouble with maternity pants. Those elasticated waists just kept slipping down all the time. I ended up wearing my normal jeans, with an elastic threaded through the buttonhole on one side and wrapped around the button on the other 🙂

  2. i also looked weird in my maternity jeans they were baggy in the wrong places, and the soft elastic things never stayed where it should.

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