I see baby clothes


Baby clothes everywhere I look. IT IS EVERYWHERE!!! I am so tired of washing and sorting through baby clothes. It is making me feel overwhelmed. I know we don’t need near as many as we currently have. It is beginning to drive me crazy because there is no space for all these baby clothes.

I’ve repacked my own cupboards and arranged my clothes. I need to go over my clothes for the hospital bag. My lovely parents bought all the clothes I need so I do not need to have another nightmare-shopping trip looking for these things. I love them so much J

On the work front, I feel overwhelmed too. I just want all this stuff to go away and leave me to lie quietly communing with Kitten. I am just plain tired of having to deal with the nonsense from clients. Their stuff does not even compare to Kitten. I am not interested. However, another 3 weeks before I can leave this stuff behind. One of our contractors has told me I need to relax and build up my strength. I would love to take his advice, however, work means money, and we need it.

Hubby is my rock. He is there to fill in when I need him. The gorgeous man. I finally spoke to him about relaxing. The man is wound up so tight with so many plans, I was beginning to worry about his state of mind. Therefore, Monday afternoon we rented some DVD’s. We ate junk food and lay on the couch. This is sure recipe for me to fall asleep. It was nice to just relax and stop worrying about stuff. He is so sweet, with his butterfly kisses, and caresses. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it all.

We are still living the life of celibacy. I have been too tired with all the coughing and pelvic soreness to instigate any bedroom activities. I keep promising myself that I will, however, it is so tempting to just forget it all, roll over and go to sleep. Lazy, I know. Hubby loves my body as it is, so there should be no need for any self-consciousness about the huge bump I have. I must say, it is pretty distracting to have Kitten moving inside me, while trying to get kinky with Hubby. It just feels weird. There are three of us there, not just hubby and I. Weird, but I can easily get over that.

Tonight we have the second round of antenatal classes. I am not sure I want to go. The last one gave me horrible nightmares and I could not sleep all night. Natural birth is what it is all about…do I really want to see this? It surely is not going to get me into the correct mood for some loving, or it might just motivate me do it while I still can?

Our close friends are having their little son next week. It is so exciting. Everyone is having babies. Then it reminds me of my cousin who is not having much luck trying to get pregnant. I feel for her. Is there a right thing to say to her? Do I need to hide myself from her? It has gotten to the point where their inability to conceive is affecting their marriage. They are not even living together at all. It is so sad. They are high school sweethearts, and she and I almost the same age. I think she looks at us around her and feels like she has not achieved anything. I know she has….however, their inability to have children makes everything feel like she has achieved nothing. What does one say to her, or do you not say anything.


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  1. I can honestly say that I would MUCH RATHER go through childbirth myself than watch it happening from the other end! My stomach cannot handle it.

  2. I decided to only wash the clothes up untill 3-6 months – the rest has been put away, to wash when needed! It helped a lot!Sounds like you had a nice relaxed time with your hubby!I feel so sorry for your cousin – unfortunately there’s really not much you can do for her. Good luck!

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