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This weekend has been really fun with my parents visiting. I have loved having my Mom and talking and doing stuff with her. I cannot wait to see her again when Kitten arrives. We have so many baby clothes, I am not sure what to do with it all. There are blankets galore too. I think maybe I should just give them away to someone who needs them more than I do.

The cold is not going away. My doc gave me medicine for it, but the cough is killing me. I am afraid Kitten is being hurt by all this coughing. Also, my chest hurts everytime I cough. I really do not want anitbiotics again. I just do not want to do that to Kitten. He deserves to be drug free.

Hubby is looking a bit tired. He is working long hours and working loads at home getting the house ready for Kitten’s arrival. I hate not being able to help. On top of that I need him to help me. I cannot get to thtings in the very high cupboards, I cannot bend comfortably to get things low down, I am not allowed to carry heavy things, I get tired quickly and the cough and headaches are not helping me, I get crabby.

I think hubby needs a break, but he won’t take one. I know once Kitten arrives it is going to get worse. I shall have to think of something to get him to slow down. Kitten is a little baby and he won’t mind if the books are all over the place. It will be ok. Hubby even has lists of all the things he wants to do. The poor man is working himself into the ground.

On the Kitten front, all seems well. We are into the final stages and seeing the doc more often. She is as good as ever, making us feel less terrified at the prospect of birth. She says Kitten is head down and should stay that way now, so he is co-operating in terms of position.

Hubby asked if we could get kinky again. It was quite funny. I think she thought that maybe he is forcing me and she was trying to give me a way to say no.

When I had my little scare some weeks ago, hubby and I have been too afraid to get kinky, in case we brought on labour again. So it has been a while.

Not that it did cause labour in the first place. It is totally unrelated, but whne it comes to your child, you don’t want to do anything that could cause problems, no matter what anyone says.

Anyway, even though doc says it is fine, I am not sure. Pregnancy hormones have skyrocketed my libido, but I am still not happy about doing anything to hurt Kitten. Hubby won’t make the first move, it is up to me. I feel like it is the first time all over again. Uncertain and a little anxious. As crazy as it sounds, that is how I feel.


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  1. Have sex! My libido dived, wished it was the opposite!! I am not interested at all!! Have fun now because you are not going to have the energy once the baby arrives, probably for months 🙂

  2. you and your hubby seem to be one of those cute couples and kitten sounds so loved already, a very cute post hun 🙂

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