32 WEEKS…The final stretch is here. The doc checked me out and she is happy all is fine with Kitten and myself. He is growing like he should and I guess I am too. I have a bit of a cold, but that should be done soon.

The baby stuff is almost ready. We are just awaiting delivery on the cot and crib mattress and then we are all set. The room is painted, curtains are up, all the clothes are washed and the hospital bag is ready with all the baby stuff. My parents asked if they could buy my hospital pj’s etc so I’ll have those by the weekend.

It is exciting times. I feel Kitten all the time. 8 weeks sounds long, but when you are pregnant I think it is not that long. You can feel the baby and he is with you all the time, it is just a matter of geography really.

Kitten has moved head down, getting in the correct position to be born vaginally. I am so excited. It is all I can think about.

Hubby is driving me slightly mad. I actually think it is me, not him, but he is nonetheless driving me nuts. My Mom told me to go easy on him, as he is doing all the things he is supposed to, she can objectively let me know that I am a crazy pregnant woman.

I want everything to be clean and tidy, and since I cannot bend too well or reach the high cupboards, I need hubby’s help all the time. This frustrates me. I just need to get it done. He does not feel the same urgency as I have. I want everything done.

The poor man, he even said he would put up my pot plant shelving today, at eight in the evening when he gets home. I think not. I can wait until Wednesday. There are loads of cupboards that need to be cleaned in the meantime. The kitchen stuff is mostly at floor level, so I can pull up a chair and do it. I am a crazy pregnant woman.

On the work front, things are as busy as ever….no one has replaced me yet, and I have a month to go. Oh well, I guess it won’t be my problem in a month’s time. I’m getting into baby mode and everything else pales in comparision.


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  1. 8 weeks is nothing, it flies by! Ask me! The Taff is the tidier and organiser in our house. I definitely haven’t started nesting yet 🙂

  2. I remember as the time drew nearer I also wanted to move everything around and springclean and change curtains and stuff and my MIL kept yelling at me to take it easy 🙂

  3. It’s so exciting when everything starts falling into place! Now you can just put your feet up and rest!Enjoy – and take it easy on all the cleaning!

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