Random pregnancy stuff


Kitten is moving so much now, it feels weird when he stops sometimes. Hubby has his hand on my tummy to feel the first thing in the morning.

However, I do not want other people touching my tummy. It is my tummy. The other day I was talking to a lady who works with hubby…we know each other very well and are friends. While talking to her, another guy that works there comes up. All I know is he works there too…I do not even know his name. He comes to me and rubs my tummy. I was so annoyed! What on earth. Why!? I do not even know you, and sexist as I am, he is a man, I do not take kindly to men just randomly touching me.

The packing of the hospital bag is still not done. It is all just overwhelming and I don’t want to. I think I have all the things I need now, minus the pj’s. I do not want to buy the ugly flannel pj’s that are still on the shelves. I shall wait for the summer stuff.

Since the preterm labour episode, I have milk in my breasts. It was quite the shocking thing to find breastmilk when the baby is not even here yet. The midwife told me it is normal and I should not worry. I should just not stimulate the breasts. I am not stimulating them. It just happens. It is shocking. I want it to stop, on the other hand, it is for Kitten, but it will be 10 weeks before he will need the milk. I did not know this would happen.

My Mom says she thinks he will come early, she said all four of her babies came early. I want him to be healthy and safe, whenever he comes.

Two weeks and I will see my parents. I am still extremely excited. I am going to continue to spring clean, since I have this need to clean the house. The car on the other hand needs attention, but I want to clean everything in the house.

I am beginning to get huge now. I still don’t need pants, but the shirts are going to be a problem soon. I have some maternity shirts which I have been waiting to wear, I can almost wear them.

Nursing shirts…anyone have any ideas. I am modest and cannot see myself lifting up my shirt to feed Kitten. I saw some really cool shirts that have a slit in them, you just pull it apart, sick out your breast and feed. Then pop it back in. I tried it, and it works fine, however, maybe it won’t work with a baby? Anyone know which are the easiest shirts to wear?

Yesterday I was walking around Dischem to get the last few toiletries I might need, I was so jealous. There was this other pregnant lady shopping too. She had a friend with her to help her shop. I wish I had someone like that. Buying these baby things were a bit stressful, I know nothing, and it took hours, with me standing at the shelves, reading all the labels, comparing ingredients, I don’t know which one is better than the other. What is bum cream and what is barrier cream. Nipple cream that you can use as bum cream too? Some need to be washed off the breast, some don’t, before breast feeding. Which wipes? Which cotton wool? Cottton balls or pads?

It took three trips before I got it all. Hubby is no help, because he knows just as much as I do. He would probably buy it all, because he was not sure. Anyway, I volunteered to do it myself, because I thought it would be easy to buy this stuff. I had a list. A useless list because it does not explain which one is better.

We start ante-natal classes next, so maybe that will help.

Kitten is currently poking into my right hand side ribs.

Have a great day bloggies, it is going to be fun.


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  1. I am with you on the rubbing a pregnant woman’s tummy,I think its a bit offside because you never see people rubbing the husbands wedding tackle for helping make the baby? So fairs fair… whats good for the goose is good for the gander and all that…PS: Bum cream is rubbed on the bum.. nipple cream is rubbed on the nipples and barrier cream is rubbed on barriers!If you have anymore questions just ask!

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