Happy :)


This morning for the first time, Hubby felt Kitten moving about and kicking for a full 10 minutes. Usually I feel him and Hubby runs over, and then he stops moving. Or I will lift my shirt up to see, and he will stop. This morning at 03h30 in the morning we lay there feeling him move inside me. It was such a lovely moment. In the dark, just the three of us.

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant….wow. Still not in maternity clothes, I think winter wardrobe has a lot to do with. Kitten’s room is really coming along. It is ready for us to assemble the cot and put up the artwork. Guess what it is….CATS! Yes he’ll have cats on the walls.

We still have to pack the bags…I am not sure why I am hesitating, I usually get things done way ahead of time, however, with pregnancy, I seem to have relaxed and just let things slide. Hmmm…think I will go buy the toiletries today, I cannot take chances.

No more preterm labour scares and Kitten seems fine. I am beginning to find it difficult to bend now. And I feel Kitten sometimes, poking into my ribcage. I love it. I am pregnant and 10 more weeks to go.

The blanket I making for him is going well. I think it might a bit warm for a baby born in September, but I love the wool and the pattern. His receiving blankets and clothes need to be washed….not sure yet about what detergent to use.

Looking forward to my parents still. I really miss not having anyone to share my experiences with…but Hubby and I have been doing fine by ourselves.

I won’t really have a baby shower, so I decided that Hubby and I will do one by ourselves. I was thinking maybe we should take the spirit of Mandela Day…we shall buy some stuff for a children’s home and make them a huge cake. Kitten has everything he needs, and more…so it is time we give some to the children that don’t have as much.

I am looking forward to my Bday in less then two weeks. I love my Bday and make an occasion of it.

Happy and loving it.


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  1. glad everything has settled! wow 30 weeks…seems like yesterday that you shared the news! how nice to not have to go and buy maternity clothes! i hope that one day if i have kids i wont have to wear ugly maternity clothes as well 😉

  2. It must have been a lovely moment when Hubby felt the little one moving – it is quite magical ;-)Good luck girl!!

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