27 weeks…..


Today is the day. We are having one of those 4D scans….hopefully Kitten will make a proper appearance. I cannot believe it. There is a growing child inside me. Pregnancy has been wonderful so far. I do not why I have been so terrified. Still feeling great and now I feel Kitten all the time. This weekend I had time to lie about feeling those movements and trying to guess what he is up to inside there.

Hubby showed me a really scary video about assisted vaginal births (the vacuum and forceps….aaargh). I think today we should have a more indepth discussion with the doc about the birth. I think the nightmares may be coming from the scary videos hubby is constantly turning up with.

Pregnancy hormones are not so bad….hubby has to perform on demand. Lol….I guess it has its fun side.

My bump is quite good looking, if I do say so myself. I do see that it is beginning to act like my personal TV tray though. I have to carefully watch the manner in which I eat, eating at my desk is not so successful these days.

I am still wearing my normal bottoms (pants that is). I am surprised that they actually still fit so well. The established bump means that they sit on my hip nicely. The winter is working to my advantage…jerseys still fit decently and so do coats and jackets. I have been getting away with minimal changes to my wardrobe, thus far. Kitten is a good baby….feeling kicks in my butt are the weirdest thing ever, no one said that I would feel it there.

I miss my Mom loads. I feel these are one of those times when I would have loved to have her near, to share all this baby stuff. Hubby is great, and so into everything…but sometimes I want my Mom or sisters to talk to about all this stuff. Oh well, we all miss something.

What a disjointed post….I’ll post again when I see those pics.


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  1. u half way through…its a beautiful experience isnt it.Arcat if u feel like ur missing sth , by not having ur mum or sisters by you, maybe u should have them over if they can…i also missed out that part during my pregnacy, and when i think back to the time i still feel extremely sad about it šŸ˜¦ the memories of ur pregnancy u will have forever, what u felt, experienced ect..not sure if im making sense šŸ™‚ try and get together its a special time to experience it alone…u need ppl to dote over u and ur baby bump!

  2. Try not to over do it with watching those videos. Eventually I got seriously freaked out. Just remember that everyone’s experience is different and it is not as “romantic” as what some videos make it out to be. I know when I gave birth, it took me a very long time to deal with the trauma and to recompose myself. Giving birth is not a gracious experience at all but it is definitely worth it. You will see, now is when you will start to really grow and everything will just not fit lol. Enjoy

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