The things we take for granted


I do not normally like to write about unhappy issues out there in the world, I confine my blog to me, selfishly. Today, however I am quite disturbed. Saudi Arabian women are protesting against the law that forbids them to drive. They are not allowed to drive? I knew Shariah law seems very restrictive when we compare it to the lives we lead here in South Africa. I did not realise that it filtered down to things like driving.

Apparently driving put women into situations where there is the possibility of gender mixing, she would be possibly be alone without a male escort.

I will not pretend to completely understand Shariah law. I do not agree with it but I cannot propose to impose my beliefs on other people, but Shariah law seems to be out of proportion. For me it seems that the law has become fundamentalist and is taken out of context….hence we have human rights violations.

We do not even think twice about picking up keys and jumping into the car, we do not think twice about walking out the house with gorgeous hair blowing in the wind, we do not think about walking out alone, without a male escort, and these women live their lives like this every day.

I feel all mixed up about this. I do not want to judge the lifestyle of others, but I know I have no agreement with what goes in Saudi Arabia and other cultures that have the same attitude.

I know here in South Africa, there are many people who are believers in Shariah Law, however, it is not law imposed on the whole country We all do not experience this. There are groups in Saudi Arabia that advocate beating your women, if she defies the law by driving (one example). Does this mean that battered women have no recourse against wife-beating husbands?

This has disturbed me enough that I feel us, as women should do something. How does the rest of the world standby and watch such things happen? First thing: educate myself on the concept of Shariah Law and understand exactly what it means.


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  1. I used to be a muslim and I know for a fact that women are treated really badly and made to be as though they are filthy. You can’t perform prayers if you have your period, you can’t touch the quraan, you can’t touch your husband if he has ‘washed’ himself and so on. I still battle with that at times because often I feel “filthy” but I know I am not. As much as the rest of the world will try and fight this, muslims will stand by what they say and will find a way of getting what they want.

  2. We so often forget to be grateful for all that we have as women who live in a democratic society. Sad thing about being a Muslim woman, they have NO voice, when they do rally together the get punished for their efforts. Its happening all over the Muslim world… AS politics gets “nastier” life for women gets harder….. Its just a pity that the men (whom women have given birth to) SHOW such disrespect and lack of regard to a sex that has the biggest role in their lives. Today I am grateful that I as a woman have rights and freedom.

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