No longer a whale


I am now pregnant. Well, as weird as that sounds, what I mean is that people can actually see I am pregnant now. I have a gorgeous bump and I do not feel like a whale. I am just pregnant. 23 weeks. Wow. For me it has been so great. I am so thankful it has been this easy.

I feel Kitten regularly now, though hubby is yet to experience the feel of Kitten moving. I love watching my tummy move, especially once I have given it a rub. All warm and fuzzy.

I have started my diaper collection….we own one diaper currently. I need to speak to a friend about it, and then we shall get more, cloth diapers. I know everyone thinks we are crazy to do the cloth thing, but we are determined to try it. I am an advocate of responsible living, and I want to instil that in our son too. Moreover, where better to start, than cloth diapering.

Hubby and I realise that we may be making life difficult for ourselves, but being responsible is not always the easy path. Maybe if someone else realises that it works fine, they too will do it. We are a society excessively used to instant gratification; we have forgotten that hard work pays off.

Please do not think this is an attack on parents who choose to use disposables, we may be those parents too.

We have never had a child, so we are still in the idealistic world of how it will be and the things our son will and will not do. Come ask me about it after the birth, I may be singing a different tune.

Until the bubble bursts, we will live in that ideal world. What else is more fun than to be able to dream?


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  1. When Man-child was born 23+ years ago, disposable nappies were only just on the market… Just make sure you have a huge pile of cloth ones’. What a wonderful feeling, when your baby moves.Have a fantastic day.

  2. I am an eco warrior and weighed up the options of using cloth, but being a new parent I have caved in and am going the disposable route *hangs head in shame* I just don’t want the added stress, selfish I know, but maybe we will move to cloth once we are a little more confident. Watching and feeling Tiny T move is an amazing feeling. HUGSxxx

  3. Hey, I for one can say that using cloth nappies will not kill you!!When my kids were babies, disposables were the biggest luxury on earth, only used if you go out or away for the weekend.Just make sure you have enough, and enough sunlight to get the stains out ;-)You’ll be fine chick – and you will do what’s best for you and the little one…

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