It’s a tomcat


Oh my word, every time I see that ultrasound, I am amazed. A whole baby. Kitten is lovely. Hubby is over the moon and cannot stop smiling. I promised him we would go out this evening and buy the bluest, most boyish thing we can find.

Yes, it is a boy. I am still trying to work that one out. It is difficult to explain what it feels like when you hear the doc say it is a boy and points out the boy bits. The joy is written all over hubby’s face.

I mentioned my worries to the doc about not being able to feel Kitten so well and about my lack of other symptoms (besides the bump). She said that all is well with Kitten and I. I do not feel him kick so well because of the position, he is in, and I will not really feel him so much, until he is a bit bigger. That was such a relief! To know that I am not strange and that nothing is wrong.

I have taken Mama SNich’s advice and discussed my worries with Hubby. I fall more and more in love with him every day.

All I can think about is that little body and the way he plays with his ears and those little feet and the head and the heart and it is just all that fills my head. When I spend my time meditating, that little baby is my focus. I am still trying to believe the fact that there is a little boy inside me. Our son! Oh my word.

The nursery currently looks like a disaster zone, but I know it is coming together. We have all the big baby stuff now, it is a matter of putting it together and throwing some paint at it all. We are not doing the themed nursery thing…it is just going to be a good space to be in.

The unhappy feelings I have been having about the grandparents have just about dissipated. I have realised that they are trying to be accommodating to us, and that is where they are coming from. No one is trying to unnecessarily trying to offend me.

A son, I am not sure what to feel. It is no longer Kitten, it is a son….a whole human being.


In the other parts of my life….work is really busy and it is really taking some doing to stay on top of it all. My desk is a war zone. There are the people that don’t seem to pull their weight, I have decided to stay away from them and do my own thing. I do not have time to do work that needs to be done by others.

My maternity leave has been sorted out and I just need to submit the forms closer to the time Kitten arrives.

At home, we have successfully re-trained our cat….MIL had undone all our training and it has taken just over six months to retrain our Kitty. Now we all happy…there are no surprises waiting when we get home, our furniture is looking decent and my plants are growing.


I am content and happy to be where I am….I just love everything and little things have the power to make me smile crazily.


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  1. Woweeeeeeeeeeee a boy!!! Well done you guys. I am glad you took my advice, you did the right thing. Look after yourself now and don’t stress.

  2. Thats great news! I remember the look on my hubby’s face when we found out we are having a boy. It was priceless. Enjoy dear. As long as the baby is healthy, have no worries.

  3. It’s soooo nice knowing what sex your baby is – I really felt like I started to bond better, once I knew!Hope you found a few gorgeous blue items!

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