I feel Kitten


I feel Kitten! I was really worried about not being able to feel Kitten move….I was beginning to imagine all sorts of horrible things. I try to keep these to myself so Hubby does not worry too. I have been able to feel Kitten since about Friday evening. I actually realised that Kitten has been moving but I did not recognize it as Kitten until Friday, when it was a definite strong movement. Hubby wants to feel too, but I am not sure he will be able to yet. In addition, Kitten does not kick on command. I will say I feel Kitten and hubby sits there waiting and nothing happens. I guess he will feel it soon enough.

Everything is so amazing about this pregnancy. Every new thing is a new miracle to feel amazed about. This little being is inside me. I still do not have my head around that.


I thought I was good and preggie hormones do not affect me. Ha! I have turned even more feisty than usual. I do not have the patience I used to and am ready to snap at the first sign of something that is not right. The other day I sat on the toilet at work and cried to myself. About nothing. I just needed to cry. I sat there saying stop there is nothing wrong and the tears just kept coming. It is weird. In addition, I have turned into a whale overnight. I was trying on clothes to wear to a function Hubby and I have to attend, nothing fits. Suddenly I need maternity clothes. When did this happen? Hubby is no help. He says I look beautiful. Lol, I had visions in my head of glowing pregnancy….although I am having a wonderful pregnancy, I do not think the glowing thing is happening. Oh well, I have decided to show of the tummy and I do not care if I look like a whale.


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  1. I think we look most beautiful during pregnancy. You are carrying precious cargo. Enjoy it! have a great day***

  2. There is nothing better than the sight of a pregnant woman. You must enjoy every moment. A word of advice too, include hubby in all your aches and pains. Don’t keep things from him even if you think he is going to worry. He is your partner in all of this and he is supposed to support you in everything. By you including him, it will make him feel important and needed. Often when people start to have children, if there is no balance in a relationship especially with the mother, where the mother is spending more time with the child than the husband, this could break your marriage. So by you telling your husband everything, it will actually strengthen your marriage and when baby comes, he will want to be there more than ever.

  3. It sounds like it is time for you to go shopping. Luckily there are great maternity clothes these days and you wont end up looking like your granny back in the day. The movements will be more frequent and strong as Kitten grows and hubby will be able to fel him. Enjoy every minute.

  4. As for maternity clothes, Edgars has a really nice range of maternity clothes as well as Mr Price. When I was preggies, I didn’t like Mr Price much but it seems like it is getting much better. In winter, I used to wear leggings and long jerseys or tops. That used to work well and I didn’t need maternity leggings for that either. Just get a bigger size and then you are all set. It will also come in handy after you give birth because trust me, you will not fit in to your jeans immediately after you give birth and you are going to need something comfy

  5. Being pregnant is not bad at all!even if you do get a bit bigger than usual – it’s all about the life you’re carrying…

  6. Even if you do look like a whale, being pregnant is a most magical time chickpea – relish it.You’re creating a miracle…

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