Nanny nightmare!


Trying to find a nanny is a nightmare. I did not realise it would be this difficult. I just assumed that there are people out there looking for such work as I need them to do. I have been told by women that they are looking for work and can I provide work. So here I am with a need, with other women out there with a need to, both seem compatible, so I would think it would be easy.

Actually it is not. First there are issues with the bus. Sort that one out. Then I hear there are issues with the cost of the bus. This is one of those things I first ask about. Are you able to come to me. Yes, yes, not a problem. Are you sure. Yes.

And not even a call or message to say I am not coming. What? If I do not go to work, I call in and say I am not coming. I don’t just not turn up. If I have a problem I say so. I don’t just not turn up.

What am I missing here. Are domestic workers and nannies a whole different breed of workforce? Do they not live by the same work ethics that we do? Do they not have the same sense of responsibility I have about my work? It seems not.

Domestic workers seem to live in their own world and have no idea about negotiation and being truthful ( I am using a wide brush here, from the women I have dealt with).

If you have a problem speak up Especially since I have just asked you if such and such is a problem. Surely things like calling to say you are not coming in is standard and I do not have tell you to do so. Surely coming to work with everything you need is standard, without ,me having to tell you to do so. Mention contracts and the women become scared. I am not trying to get you to sign your life away. It is the standard contract and it is there to protect you, not make a deal with the devil.

Take the contract and read it at your leisure. Ask the opinion of other people if you need to. I sit down and explain it too, if needs be.

Also, being a domestic does not entitle you to have all the things that you think I do not need. Also, I do not have unlimited amounts of money because I employ a domestic. I totally understand that the recommended wage for a domestic a laughable. I can afford to pay more and I do so. With agreement from the women. This does not mean that I have unlimited funds to spend on driving you around. My boss does not come fetch me from home, why should I come fetch you from home?

My boss expects me at work timeously everyday. Why must you turn up randomly.

If I need to do something else on a work day, I have to let my boss know and apply for leave. Why is it so different for you.

My boss does not provide breakfast and lunch. I do not mind sharing food, however, you are not entitled to expect it from me.

I am so frustrated with this whole domestic thing I am beginning to think it is not worth the effort. Maybe I should give up the idea and reisgn myself to daycare. As much as I hate the idea of daycare facilities, at least I know that they will be there everyday. Not sitting at home wondering if the domestic is goingto turn up. Ugh.



Baby update:  I am now 20 weeks along.  I am worried.  I don’t feel Kitten move yet….surely I should be feeling Kitten by now? Doc said I should be able to feel Kitten at about 18 weeks….niks!  I lie there concentrating and meditating….niks! I have even ate loads of chocolate hoping to give Kitten a sugar high….niks!


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  1. I have exactly the same issues with my domestics. They are very well paid, including taxi, ged nicely fed, paid annual leave, Christmas hamper etc but than they decide to only work half a day for their full day salary. Now I have halfed their employment time and that will hurt.I think daycare is the better option.Take care.

  2. I hear you! On Monday my domestic worker pitched up at 9:30am and left at 3pm! Not a word to me to say if there was a problem. Just POOF! Frikkin drive me to drink I tell ya!

  3. this was abit funny to read, u should get it published on this site…its all true…they all have that attitude…wonder why..earliest is 18weeks Arcat

  4. I just shudder at the thought of finding a nanny. I am not going to look for one until I am close to coming back to work. Nannies these days are just a nightmare to deal with and they will inconvenience you when you least expect it, adding to your stress. I really dont know where one can find a reliable nanny but I am going to go the agency route. At least you have someone responsible for them and who you can complain to. Dont worry about not feeling the baby yet. It doesnt mean he is not moving around. Sometimes its because he is still too small for you to feel him but you will as time goes.

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