Husbands and wives


Husband and wives. They are a weird breed of people. I was at one of those work things yesterday evening. Most people attend solo, because non-industry people are not invited. There are some, however, that are married incestuously, so they come bearing a partner.

It seems when one is with a partner at a social do, the whole manner of the people change. They become more confident, quicker to make decisions, and seem to condescend to the “singles.”

I understand. When I am standing there trying to juggle my food and a drink and trying to do small talk on top of it all, I wish for my Hubby. Together we would be better at the juggling and small talk. He would go get me my drink and see that I have everything I need. There would be no need for small talk, I would be able to say deep profound things that have everyone listening. I would look upon the “singles” with slight sorrow for them.

What turns married people into this? I know if you would ask most married people about this, they would deny this even happens. I am a confident, well-adjusted woman with a fairly useful brain in my head, however, it seems to work better when Hubby is with me.

Married people together, seem funnier, happier, more bubbly, and attractive. One without their partner is like a wilting flower next to the pair.

Do people actually get better with marriage?

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  1. That depends on the marriage….I remember when I felt like nothing without my husband being with me. Now things are a bit different.

  2. I do think some people do get better with marriage.Some don’t.You’re lucky to have the support of hubs – even when he’s not with you…

  3. I agree with you on this Arcat, but more for myself. I feel I am more at ease and relaxed when J2 is around. But the bunch of colleagues I have have different opinions regarding marriage. They seem to think (including the married ones besides possibly 2 of us) that being married is like being in a prison and so whenever there are social functions at work, they refuse to allow partners because they feel that they won’t enjoy themselves if their partners were there as well. I personally enjoy myself more when J2 is around. He lights up my world.

  4. I know what you mean. I am one of those people who find it hard to mingle. I only mingle with people who I am close to. So when Im with SG, i have the time of my life because he makes me laugh, we’d talk the whole time about nothing and make fun of people….I guess thats what having a partner is all about

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