Cloth or disposbale?


Nappies. When I think baby I think about how expensive and wasteful disposable nappies are. Then guess what I found….you could actually still buy cloth nappies. In addition, they come in different types and look extremely cute. Therefore, that will salve my conscience about throwing disposable nappies away. I do not have to use them. Hubby took some convincing. He is not sure about washing out the poo. However, I think it is one of those things you have to deal with, disposable or cloth nappy. In addition, I have a plan about that too.

I then checked the price of cloth nappies….they are said to be cheaper than disposable, but like everything that says it is green, the initial cost is high. I do not want to spend R3000, 00 on twenty nappies. We were advised that it helps to start buying nappies early so that you do not end up with the high cost when the baby comes. How are you supposed to know how many to get, and in what size?

The good thing about cloth nappies is that you can get them to be adjustable, so you can buy a pack that takes you from birth to potty trained. This is great. However, that pack is at about R6000, 00.

So what do you do? Buy the disposables, which are cheaper initially, or the cloth, which only is cheaper over time?

I decided I am going to sew my own. I have found loads of patterns and a friend who has used cloth and forked out the money for it, showed her pack to me. It is very easy to sew, the pattern is not complex and I can choose fabric that I want.

Hubby was surprisingly calm about me wanting to sew them. I think it is partly that he knows I actually can do it properly (I have sewed many things around the house that look good). Also the friend that cloth nappied her daughter also says it is very easy to do.

We plan to have a stay at home nanny for when I have to start working again. This means we can use the cloth. I do not think day cares would not be wild about using cloth nappies (I may be mistaken here).

I think I may on an island about my choice to cloth nappy Kitten but I will take my chances. I feel strongly about being environmentally responsible. I know my Mom will freak when she hears about this, but it is our choice to make. Hubby is the only one I need the ok from, he has to do it too. If it does not work out, we can always drive to a store and buy disposables.

The other plus to cloth is that they are breathable and apparently reduce the events of nappy rash. How true this actually is, I will find out later. With my nephews, nappy rash was a reality with the disposable nappies. Therefore, I guess cloth cannot make it much worse.

I will be investigating the fabric stores here in Pretoria for suitable fabric. I am actually looking forward to sewing these.

On that note: Does anyone know where I can get decently priced crochet wool and yarn? Places like Metro Home do not really carry a decent range, also their prices are crazy.


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  1. Good for you!Don’t forget waterproofs!I bought cute waterproofs, and ended never using them because we stuck to disposables.

  2. I personally didn’t bother with cloth nappies. You have to change them more often than the disposables (which have the liquid lock in gel thingy)and you had to use waterproofs which weren’t ideal after the elastic stretched and the plastic coating began to crack from all the washing and wearing. You have to use nappy liners. Also, the Steri-Nappy soaking solution was quite expensive. But most of all the poo spraying was a lot less fun than it sounds 🙂 BUT…like you say, give it a go and see if it works for you. Just be sure that the soap powder is rinsed out properly coz that too can cause nappy rash. Good luck with whatever you decide.

  3. I am a great proponent of cloth nappies, and while still married and at an age when our friends were going forth and multiplying like mad, I thought that our solution to babyshowers was great. A bunch of us would club together and buy the mom-to-be a contract with a nappy-service. They provide sealable buckets for the crappy ones and remove and replace with laundered ones I think on a daily basis. They are less prone to causing nappy rash. They are less likely to ooze out of the side. I think the new reusable elasticised disposable jobs are the worst thing. Ideal for the lazy mother but terrible for the baby. Slip it down. Check it. Oh it’s only wet and not yet soggy all through so right back on it goes, with the baby stewing away in rancid acidic pee. Cloth. Every time.

  4. I used cloth for my daughter but unfortunately the daycare required disposables so we changed to disposables after that and used them for my son. I must admit though 13 years ago cloth nappies never cost that much. Nappy liners help with the poo nappies – you just remove them and flush – not that much of an issue to clean. I think it makes little difference whether you use cloth or disposable when it comes to nappy rash – the fequency you change nappies and how well you clean baby and even just how susceptible they are to it determines whether they get nappy rash or no. Neither of my kids ever had bad nappy rash either with disposable or cloth.

  5. disposables are convenient.u put one on befoe they sleep(when older) and you dont worry if they are soaked through, we have ACtiv Fit Pampers,wow really does the job, u guys dont have it in SA just yet…with newborns they poop at the oddest times like 2/3 in the morning….and no matter how pefectly u put it, poop goes up to their shoulders blades…still a mystery…i considered cloth nappies aswell at one stage.i now get coupons from pampers and use them lili said its how u wipe them. coz with both types they can get nappy rash. so the trick is :)wipe wipes, then use tissue to wipe of the claminess because thats what irritates their skin…dont tie the nappy to tight,ur index finger and middle finger must fit in the front…its important air gets in…washing their bottoms all the times is also not good,it removes the moisture from their skin.

  6. Hey arcat, ok as a new mother I truly believe that disposable nappies are the way to go. More because of convenience and sanity. Being a new mother, in the beginning it is really hard. You want to be able to spend more time with your baby instead of washing nappies all the time and then folding them correctly everytime you change baby. I change Esther about 8 times a day. Now imagine having 8 to 10 nappies a day to wash. You need to soak them and make sure they are sterile and washed out properly before using them again. Whereas with disposables, even though they might come at a cost, they are easy to work with and to dispose of and you don’t have to fold them prior to the time. J2 and I also stocked up on nappies before Esther was born. We still have a supply of nappies to last us another 2 months and then we have to buy some more again.With cloth nappies, at some point you are going to have to throw them away anyway because they become stained or torn and it is a nasty job. One word of advice to prevent nappy rash, use lots of bum cream and also make sure that baby is wiped clean thoroughly after every change.

  7. You don’t find decently priced wool anymore – everything is expensive.As for the cloth nappies, it makes environmental sense, but I would advise using disposables when you go out or away for a weekend.Why would you sew your own? Surely towelling nappies are not quite that expensive?And you would probably need about 50 actual nappies all told.Don’t forget the waterproofs, nappy ties and nappy liners!!

  8. Ghia cloth nappies are no longer squares of cloth. That is what got me interested. They look like disposables, with all the snaps and elasticated legs, etc…the difference is that they are washable. They do not need folding, etc.

  9. Thanks for the advice SNich. I am hoping it will work out with having a full time nanny to help out. It might just pie in the sky now, but I am willing to try.

  10. Good advice Sf. I am just not happy with the price of disposable, not because we have not budgetted (cloth too is expensive), but because I do not like the idea of being forced. I think it is like brainwashing about this whole nappy thing.

  11. I knew they were expensive and I think they are far overpriced because manfacturer’s know it is soft-targetting. (totally unfounded, I’ll have to check)

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