The most amazing experience: Hubby and I saw Kitten’s heartbeat yesterday. It was amazing and great and I just cannot adequately explain the feelings and experience. We are officially 7 weeks pregnant and all is well with all my tests and the size and projected development at this time.

Hubby was too excited to keep this to himself so we have started sharing our news. Our parents are really very excited and happy for us. My Mom says she already knew, that Mom’s know these things. My MIL cannot wait to get started knitting. It makes it all seem more real when you see that little pulse and you tell other people.

I have decided to stick with the original idea of telling my work until after 12 weeks. It is only a few weeks more and I do not feel the need to share with them right now. Also, it will still be a while until it becomes apparent.

We saw our old doctor for the last time yesterday. We see our new doctor for the 12 weeks visit. The old doctor was very nice and understanding. He asked that we come by and let him know about Kitten (the new doc is very near his office). I feel very happy and relaxed now that we have made this decision. We let will nature take its course, I might end with a C-section anyway, but at least I know it would have been necessary.

He told us all about the 12 weeks visit and what to expect and what our choices are. This baby thing is serious business and I am surprised I do not know more about it. I am a serious reader and I still do not know most of the stuff he told us about.

There are the difficult decisions about what tests to agree to and the choices to make if those results are no so good.

A long while ago Hubby and I discussed this stuff and we did again yesterday.

So far so good, I think I may be one of those woman who do not have morning sickness (I am really hoping it is true). There have been no cravings yet and I feel healthy without any of the unpleasantness that seems to come with pregnancy. I hope it stays this way and that Kitten will be happy and healthy.

I am glad I started the pregnancy diary. It has turned into a scrapbook about how I feel and all the things I want Kitten to remember and know about me. I have invited Hubby to write in it but he has not yet, so I guess it will just be Mummy’s memories (I love saying Mummy).

Kitten’s crib is halfway done. This weekend we will go shopping to choose the fabric for it. I know it is all early but we are excited and determined to enjoy it.

In other news, work is in a worrying state with talk of retrenchment. I am determined not to worry about it until it happens. It might not so there is no need for undue stress. Kitten is consuming all my brain space anyway and I like it that way.


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  1. The pregnancy diary is such a brilliant idea – I wish I had done that for my girls :)) Good luck and keep us posted on Kitten’s progress.

  2. I missed my 12 weeks tests because of my previous gynea but I did them yesterday and we were given a clean bill of health. Yes baby is a very serious business and making decisions is not easy. All the best.

  3. Mmm now I’m humming a song…. don’t know which one but just the words…Ooo I can hear your heartbeatThe sound of you is so sweet….WTF song is that?

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