Busy bee is me


Wow, it has been so busy these last few weeks.  I feel like I do not have a moment to breathe sometimes.  I am so tired all the time and I want to fall into bed and sleep at the first opportunity.

Kitten should be fine.  We are going to see the doctor next week to hear Kitten’s heartbeat.  It is so exciting.  We have decided to change doctors.  I do not want to be forced into a c-section just because of the doctor’s policy. 

I have struggled with myself a lot on this one.  I sometimes feel like I am putting Kitten’s life in danger by not doing what the doctor says and I am being selfish and wanting to do it the easy way.  I am terrified of the idea of a c-section, and I think that will hurt Kitten.  If I am stressed and worried all the time.

I am relying on my Mother’s good genes.  She had four natural births and she seemed to be fine.  I feel healthy and I know Kitten will be too.  There is no reason why we should have problems.  I am a huge believer in believing.  If I believe all will be well, it will be well. 

Hubby is not much help.  He keeps agreeing with me.  I think he feels it should be my decision because it is my body.  But it is also Kitten’s body. 

Hubby is treating me like I will break.  I have explained to him that I am just pregnant, not an invalid.  Hopefully he will see the light soon and relax.  I am really enjoying the massages and lunches and the little treats he keeps turning up with.  He is the sweetest man ever and  I know he is just as excited about Kitten as I am.

We are going to tell our parents after the doctor’s visit, by then we will also have a more accurate date on Kitten’s ETA.

I am going to go back to my baby daydreams.  Have fun all!

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  1. I dont see why the doctor should say you must have a c section so early in your pregnancy. Unless something goes wrong towards the end, thats when they can suggest a ceaser. I heard that sometimes doctors recommend a csection so that they can cash in more money. Not sure how true this is but it could be….

  2. Don’t worry so chick!!I will always advocate natural birth, but if it can’t, then it can’t.Trust in your doctor – if you feel comfortable with him.All the best!

  3. He told us early so that if we do not like his policy we can change in time. They do actually charge more for a c-section. His reasons are not mecenary but personal.

  4. Kitten I like that name hehehe.I like that you have changed the doctor, it should be your choice what to do and the C-section should only be used as a last resort.

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