I suddenly feel very nostalgic. I remember my childhood and the things we got up to as kids.

A memory came to me now of my older sister and myself playing with little wax dolls we had made. We collected the red wax from cheese and carefully moulded tiny little dolls from these. The dolls wore bitty scraps of white lace for clothes. These dolls were extremely tiny things. They slept in little matchbox beds. I do not why we made these dolls. We had proper toys and dolls my parents had bought. We would spend hours making up lives for these little dolls.

Another time I remember the picnics we often had during the summer holidays. These included a bigger group with my cousins. We would make peanut butter sandwiches and water or lemon juice. The lemon juice we would make ourselves with miserable little lemons we had picked in the garden. Then the adventure would start. We would start on an imaginary journey and then we would pretend someone broke their leg and then we would have to stop and splint the leg. We would find a stick and vines and tie it around the “broken” leg. Then we would continue. Then we would stop for the “night” and eat a quarter of a sandwich and some water. We would make a sleeping place with branches and leaves. The “next morning” the journey would continue.

Another favourite was the doctor’s office. There would be a receptionist and nurse and doctor and many patients (we were about ten kids in all). We would have syringes without needles (that my aunt would bring us) and toy phones.

We also did all sorts of naughty things, like throwing stuff on the neighbour’s roof, practically giving them a heart attack.

We would spend hours playing our version of cricket and tennis.

I am not sure why I am remembering this stuff today. It was a very happy childhood. A safe childhood with much joy and many kids to have fun with

BABY UPDATE: I had a bunch of bloodtests today to test for all the many things that I could have that could hurt Kitten. They were terribly expensive and I am beginning to worry about how many more of things are in store. Alos, have to pay for the doctor’s visits myself. The medical aid only kicks in after twelve weeks. I think what is the point of the medical aid if it cannot pay for things it said it would pay for. I understand why it’s twelve weeks, but I actually need them to pay for stuff now. This stuff is getting expensive, we can afford it, but it is worrying about all the other things that are waiting to be done still.

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  1. Sounds like such a fun childhood! Makes me think of things i used to get up to with my sister and cousins…:-) Have a great day!

  2. Im only getting my blood tests done at my next visit. Gynae prefers to do them all at once so that I dont have to go back for more. Besides, i dont have much blood to give. Have a good weekend

  3. I think this doc is over cautious. There were quite a few on the list so hopefully this is all. Next thing on the list is the amniocentesis (spelling?)

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