First ob/gyn visit


Just got back from the doctor’s office. I have loads to think about. First thing, I was not really expecting a full gynae exam, again. I hate those, and this time Hubby was there with me. It was undignified and I hate them. Ok we got past that and he did an ultrasound of our little one (I am going to call him/her Kitten). Kitten has not really made an appearance yet. Kitten is currently too small to see and what we can see is the gestational sac. So cool, we know it is early days still. We have an appointment in two weeks to hear the heartbeat. It is exciting times.

The Doc says to me he only does C-sections. Having seen one C-section, I have no desire to have one myself. I asked why. He says that it is safer, as he as the doctor has more control of the birth and he has seen too many things go wrong with natural childbirth. He also explained all the risks involved with C-sections. I want a healthy baby and I want it to go well. I really am not sure what to do now. I choose now to either find a different doctor or prepare myself for a C-section. I am terrified about C-sections. I still have time to think about these things, but I still have to make a decision.

Hubby says he does not like the doctor. He says he does not like his bedside manner and the way he examined my breasts. I think a large part of it was some other man handling my breasts and sticking things up me, not so much the doctor. However, Hubby thinks we should change doctors. I think if I knew I was going to have a full exam like that, I would not have had Hubby in the room. Hubby says that he was not wearing gloves. Hmmm….I could not see what he was doing but not wearing gloves does not sound right to me. In addition, the doctor talks about himself in third person. He is extremely odd. I have seen him before, and he seemed fine to me. The one thing I really do not like is that we had to wait an hour and half for our appointment. He is that late. The last time I waited two hours. This is highly problematic because we have to get off work and go sit in the waiting room for that long. Then we still have to have our exam and drive back.

Anyway, we got to see the gestational sac that is only about 7mm long and it is this tiny spot in my uterus. When the doctor pointed out the sac, Hubby was standing there stroking my arm, I on the other hand did not feel much. I was uncomfortable with the ultrasound stick inside me. I hate it.

I am worried about this whole C-section thing. In addition, how do I find a decent ob. /gyn.? I want to go to a specific hospital so I chose the ob. /gym accordingly. So I go to another doc next time and then what? What if the next one is just as odd? Ugh. I will need to sit down with Hubby and we need to talk about this. It also is partly Hubby’s decision. It is his baby too.

I am happy to see that sac, because I do not feel very pregnant and it was a relief to know that Kitten is still there and we will hear a heartbeat in two weeks. I am excited and I think the visit to the doc made it all seem more real.


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  1. Had my daughter via C-Section due to very valid reasons. Do not go for C-SEction if you do not want it, rather change a Dr as most of Dr’s push people and scare them away from natural birth just for a fat wallet. Trust your insticts, mother’s are always right 🙂

  2. Oh my word!! How in the world did I miss this bit of news? Congratulations girl!!! This year is definately off to a good start! I have also been complaining about finding a new gynae at the hospital close to where we live but we’ll see. The thought of c-section scares the heck out of me! I am so happy for you!! All the best for your pregnancy and I hope you enjoy every minute of it. Well except for the nausea and stuff…!

  3. Congratulations :-)))Trust your instincts. A dr who only does C sections is a dr who likes to control when his patients have their babies so that he can plan his life around that and not when ladies go into labour.

  4. Listen change ur Dr.u have the right to choose ur birth not him. C-sections(I had one) are painful just like having a normal birth with no pain relief..the one is pain before and the other after. The main thing is that baba is born healthy. If u want to know anything about C-sections I will tell you. The full exams are normal for every appointement when ur pregnant(well here) thats how they know if the cervix is closed, and there is no risk of a miscarriage.not wearing gloves,omw,is ur hubby sure he saw that…thats not right arcat.for your hubby a/any Dr is an object, thats all you must see him as, he is just doing his job.

  5. What kind of doctor ONLY does C-sections?Absurd! As far as the ultrasound stick goes, surely for such an early exam he could have done the usual “on the tummy with a little gel” scan?

  6. as far as I know, they use the ultrasound wand thingy because they get a better view….i felt very uncomfortable with these exams, but remember u want every thing to be ok with baby and you.

  7. This is your baby and your body…if you are not comfy with a c-section, it is your choice. And as far as I am aware, gloves are standard, for any Dr.

  8. He told me that he needed a full exam because he would not be able to do one again until the baby comes. I will have to check the gloves thing myself next time. I know hubby was a bit upset with the whole thing. I would love to hear about your experienc if you are willing to share.

  9. I know it sounds nuts, but he said enough to make me all confused. He used the stick because he is able to see better, my Kitten is still too tiny to pick up on an ultrasound properly. Also he was doing the gynae exam, and he used that before to find my ovaries.

  10. Right now I am very terrified about the c-section and I want natural birth (if baby is safe that way. I guess I’ll have to learn to listen better.

  11. that is really strange as to why he should not do the full exam again,because towards the end it must be done all the time, thats how they tell how the babys head is sitting and how the cervix is “looking” if its opening or not…its uncomfortable to be in that postion, but u shouldnt find it invasion….now all this coming from me who is super shy,hehe…do u want to know now about the c-section or maybe towards the end?

  12. Sf, I actually am not entirely sure what he is supposed to do and not do, I’ll have to research a bit more. I would really like to about the c-section. I think I am being forced to make a decision now.

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