Complaining again


There comes a point in time when one has to stop complaining. I myself complain a whole heap, but I realised that not everyone wants all your dinner conversation to be about your irritating boss. I realised I was doing it and it was actually depressing me more and more and the boss man was living a happy life without the stress I have.

Therefore, I made a change. I learnt to deal with the situation as best as I can, and guess what…..boss man and I have a good working relationship now. I know he respects me and I can respect him too. He even went so far as to talk to me and tell me so. Only I can make my own situation better, I learnt that the hard way. There comes a point in time when you have to stop complaining and being the victim. You have to take control of your own situation and make it better. If it sucks now, it can always be made better. I still complain, but it is not an all-consuming past-time.

It depresses me to talk to people that constantly complain about the same thing over and over and over again. I realised that is what I used to do to other people and they thought that about me.

There are some people I do not want to talk to anymore here at work. They complain and complain about the work situation. I have made my peace with my work and have found my joy in my work again. Only I can kill the joy so I got it back. There was a reason I went into this field, sometimes I need to remind myself.

The particular people that still complain now make me uncomfortable. I do not want to be near them or talk to them anymore. They depress me and make me feel unhappy. Anyway, I can only hope that they eventually learn to be happy again.


PS: My baby update for today (you thought I was thinking about something else? No ways!): I lied to my Mom yesterday. She said she was waiting for news from us. I told her we would have to wait until about March for news from us. I am really itching to tell her, but if I do tell her, we have to tell Hubby’s Mom too and she cannot keep anything to herself. We are looking forward to the doctor’s visit next week.

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  1. Congrats on the wonderful news!!I have made this change aswell, easy to fall into that trap, easy to complain and difficult to stay postive, of course only we can make that change..ive learnt alotttt from u ladies in here…

  2. Exited about the baby chick!As for the complaining – if you can change it, do, if not, handle it…Good that you decided to make it better for yourself…

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