Superstition or good advice?


Hello Bloggies, thanks for all the congratulations yesterday. My posts are now going to become more boring, all I can think is baby.


Yesterday evening I met Hubby after work and he wanted to go baby shopping. So off we went and looked into all the baby sections. (Now we have legitimate reason to be there). Hubby really wanted to get something, not just window shop. So we got a bright red baby-grow and another baby-grow without legs. We do not know if our little one is pink or blue yet, and I am not interested in yellow or green right now. So red it is.

This brings me to the thought superstitions and bad-luck. My Mom always said that you should not buy baby things until the baby arrives. Ok I understand her reasoning of “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” How do you contain your excitement and not get ready for the baby? We have been getting ready for a long time now. It would be impractical not to get baby things until after the baby is born. What happened to believing and optimism?

On the other hand, is it actually not superstition but sensible advice?

Ok, it is quite obvious Hubby and I are not going to wait. There is no way we could not. We want to do all the baby things and enjoy this experience. It is a huge life event…we are making another human being! This does not happen every day.

The other thing is to wait until after the first trimester to spill the beans. I understand this one and we decided we would wait the three months. I have told you guys and we told one other very close friend we both have. Whether we will actually last out the three months will remain to be seen.

It also depends when people will start to notice and ask questions. I am happy to tell anyone who wants to know.


PS: Thanks for the BON


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  1. I personally think it’s safe to start shopping after the first gives you time to shop and plan for everything and then you don’t have a huge expense after the birth! Sometimes you have to live on faith and prayer and just wing it..

  2. congratulations on the pregnancy! i think the second blog baby of 2011? many people say to only buy things after 3 months, as well as telling anybody. but whatever makes you comfortable is what you should go with i think!

  3. I must admit, that I am cautious, so I didn’t buy anything until three weeks before my boy arrived…but everyone is different. Enjoy your moment and do what feels right to you.

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