Happy Monday!!!


Hello Bloggers,


Another Monday and I am still happy to be back at work. Already planning the next holiday, J We are off to visit the in-laws in two months’ time. So maybe that is keeping me smiling. On the other hand, maybe it is the fact that I was a bit bored at home. I was actually happy to be back here.

I have this urge to clean everything. Saturday found me washing everything and re-arranging the spare bedroom. Sunday found me on my hands and knees scrubbing the patio floor, re-arranging all my plants and making things look prettier. I am looking forward to sitting out there this afternoon with my mocha and hubby and just enjoying the summertime (hope it does not rain)

I do not know why I do these things. I finish and look back and I feel good. Lol, poor hubby. I have scheduled cleaning the garage next week, plus doing further work on the home improvements. I need his help to do the garage; I know there are goggas in there. There is no way I will do it alone. Goggas and I do not have a good relationship.

The result of all this cleaning and re-arranging is that everything looks better and brighter.

So I am happy and looking forward to this week and the weekend and everything else to come.

Have a great day bloggies!


P.S: I peed on the stick yesterday, I am so impatient, I know it is too early to find out, but I could not wait. I look upon it as the test run, to see if I can accurately pee on the stick. (I know full well I am nuts J)


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