Sex Education for the holidays


Almost to the end, and I am looking forward to a holiday by myself in my own house. Hubby will be working all holiday, so it is a little sad, but I still look forward the me-time. There is loads I want to do around the house, but I also want time to have afternoon naps and read and just relax.

Hubby and I are going strong with the home improvements and it’s exciting watching it take shape. In addition, there is our kiddy to makeJ.

I know I will miss my parents but I am determined to make our own holiday traditions (as advised in previous blogs).

We have fairy lights up in our windows. The Christmas tree itself has to wait a bit for the home improvements, but it will be up soon.

We have decided that Christmas dinner will be roast lamb with potatoes and caramelised onions. A nice big salad to go with it. Then for dessert it will be nuts cream and fresh fruit. Dinner will be candle-lit and light from the tree and windows. It will just be the two of us. We do not have anyone to invite, so we will make the most of having a romantic dinner.

The dinner will be more special, it will be our first dining room table. Up until now, we have not had one because we could not find the one we liked within a decent price range.

We plan to stay up on Christmas Eve to wait for Santa. Pressies have already been discussed and chosen. In addition, we will go to midnight mass the day before Christmas. We went last year and it was a really good experience. We are both heathens, but midnight mass has something special about it, it is not your standard mass.

Being off the pill is a bit strange. My breasts are so sore. Just a shirt against it makes it sore (tmi, but this is a blog so there….lol). I hope my hair does not begin to fall out. A friend told me her hair began to fall when she stopped the pill. Something to do with oestrogen.

Another thing is Hubby and I back to using condoms while I am not taking the pill. I do not know why I get all embarrassed over buying the condoms. In addition, there are so many different kinds I was a little overwhelmed. The two of us stood at the shelf while he explained all the condom jargon to me. People must have laughed, but I really wanted the right kind. I then I tried putting one on him. It rather killed the mood when I got the thing twisted. It was horribly funny, like being fumbling teenagers (these days teens do not actually fumble, I hear). My inexperience with the whole condom thing really got me thinking about sex education and exactly how important it is. I really am not sure how I got through thirty years of life being so naïve. I love my parents, but I must say they really did molly-coddle. My parents are lovely, but I am so stupid when it comes to many things, or maybe it is just me and not them. With all the ads and literature available, I should know all the different types and flavours condoms are available in.

Anyway, I guess I will have to get some practical education and who better to teach than sexy hubby!


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  1. aw bless this is funny and cute at the same time, almost like you’re both dating again, choosing the condoms etc

  2. Why use condoms if you’re trying to fall pregnant?As for condoms, I will also have no idea wha to buy should I have to – so don’t worry about that!doubt if it makes that much of a difference in any case!

  3. Why we are using using condom is a long story. Short version: We only want to start trying at the proper end of the year. To speed up the process of the effects of the pill, I have stopped taking it before we actually start. I thought you had a sleepover? No condoms involved?

  4. Since we both know our status, and clean of everything else, the only thing to worry about is pregnancy, and for that, luckily, there’s a little thing called a vasectomy!!Best little operation ever!

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