What is in a name?



Hubby and I were talking last night about names. His Mom is in the habit of never calling anyone by his or her proper name. She shortens them or just makes up another name that she prefers. This is one of those things I really do not like, but she is the mother of my husband, so I can let it go when she changes my name into some weird, badly sounding bad meaning corruption. I have one of those simple names so trying to shorten it really is a mess. Anyway moving on, so I said to Hubby I like the names we chose for our kids-to-be, because they are short two syllable names and if someone does try to corrupt them into weird nicknames, it will not come out sounding too bad.

It is just one of those things that came to mind when picking names. Hubby thinks I am nuts, but I do not want my child walking around with a weird nickname for the rest of its life.

Knowing MIL as I do, she is going to corrupt the child’s name, because she does it to everyone, the pets included. She names them what she would like, even if they already have names.

There is the old saying: “.. call a rose by any other name, and it is still a rose..” That is all well and good, but if you have a yucky sounding nickname, it will possibly impact on your life.

Maybe it is just me, because I am a control freak like that. I want to control everything, and make sure everyone does what I want.

Names, they are so complicated. They mean something to the person that owns it. My name used to be one of those really common ones, but it has gone out of fashion (amazing, names have trends). I like having a simple name, which is currently sorta unique. I have only ever met one other person with my name. I know there are loads running around.

My surname on the other hand, throws people when they finally meet me. How can someone with my colour have my surname? It really is quite amusing. It is one of those quirks.

My sister is about to pop out a baby, she and her hubby are still trying to work out a name for their son. Her hubby wants to name the son after his dead brother. Morbid is all that comes to my mind. Obviously, her hubby views it differently or he would not choose the name. (I should hope he is not morbid like that).

My name, should not have been given to me, but my parents threw caution to wind, did not care if the universe would strike them down (or me for that matter) and just named me, against the advice of the priest (that’s how we get named). Anyway, the universe did not get upset, and I have grown up into a perfectly well balanced individual (or so I like to think, and my parents too).

My hubby was named after his dad. Hubby’s grandmother found herself pregnant, while her husband was away in Egypt with the army, fighting the good fight, no doubt. He had managed to do the deed and implant his seed before he was sent off to war. So there was grandmother, with a name all picked out, she was going to have a girl, she thought. She had already had four boys, all named after their father. Then one day, out pops boy number five. What to do. She has no name, her hubby is far away and has run out of names to give to his sons, by now. So one day, talking to her friendly neighbourhood pharmacist, who has no kids and is unmarried, she asks his name. Wow, she thinks, that is a good name. So hubby’s dad gets named after the pharmacist. The granddad thought it was a fine name, until he got home and found out. No way, people would think his son was that of the pharmacist, so he promptly changed the name of his son. So that son eventually named his son (my hubby) the name he had originally received from his Mom. There is a story behind every name. It makes good conversation material at those boring after work cocktail functions.

Does your name have a story behind it?

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  1. if I had a girl, she would have gotten all three of my very Afrikaans family names.My gran looked at all those names, and promptly gave me one that I have never come across in that specific variation.A name is important yes, but you can not possibly control everything chick! in for a rude surprise once the little one is there!

  2. naming for dead relatives you just hope the name lives on. my ex’s family had a bad tendency to nickname nicknamesit was a sign you were part of their family…

  3. I absolutely hate it when ppl shorten their names and then there are a few eves and what not running around. we kept the boys name wanting it short, and just yesterday a lady added an -ie to his name Grrrr we thought long and hard about it, boys names are difficult to find.this is a topic that gets on my nervous aswell.

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