I had to attend a work do yesterday after work. I normally do not like these things, as usually it is a bunch of old men drinking beer and talking about who knows what. The few women who are there arrive in a pack and stand together giggling loudly and bumping into you. In addition, we are supposed to “network” at these things. Whatever that means. The few women who get there without a posse are usually standing in a corner, trying to drink down that coke quickly, make an appearance and leave. My posse is just myself and this other girl I work with. However, she was not invited so it was just me.

I got there, made my hellos to the host, smiles, got myself a fruit juice, and found a chair in a corner, hoping to leave soon. Surprisingly I had a good evening and stayed longer. There was a lonely girl sitting near my corner, so we got talking, and then the host brought over another lonely girl and introduced her to us. So the three of us sat in the corner and had a great chat. It was actually really fun to talk to other women and jus meet new people.

You get to these things, thinking you are the only one out of place and feel a little awkward, but I found the other two women felt exactly the same way.

We are not alone as we think we are, we just need to reach out and say hello.


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  1. Glad you finally realised that you are not the only person that might have problem mingling!!I do exactly the same, with the difference that I have this expression on my face that says – BACK OFF!! So I get to spend my time, usually alone…

  2. I feel the same way – I get so nervous when I have to mingle. At my work we have lots of client functions and the assistants often attend as well. I didn’t go this year but will probably have to go next year again. Wish there was a guide on “how-to-mingle” in a big crowd lol!Have an awesome Friday 🙂

  3. i also cannot jump into somebody elses converstaion or make small talk in a hurry..my hubby though he can say silly little things and people are eating out of his hand….and laughing 🙂 have a good weekend arcat

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