Getting closer


Ok, I’m done with self-pity for now. It is almost the weekend, and I do not want to be drowning during the weekend. I will be happy and smiley and make it to the end of the day, and then I am going to give Hubby a huge kiss (and more…).


Exciting times…..Hubby and I are getting closer to starting a baby every day. I started prenatal vitamins. I know it does not sound like much, but there is a sense of anticipation and excitement. I have been on normal multivitamins, as the doctor suggested I start six months in advance. I have had issues with low iron levels previously.

All seems well now. I had no idea these prenatal vitamins where so huge. There are four different pills to swallow. I feel like I am training for something.

I know I should not psyche myself up too much, but then I think that it is supposed to be an exciting time. I am supposed to be looking forward to this. I have been dreaming about this child forever. His/her name is chosen. We have decided to keep this to ourselves. We might always decide later there is some other name we would like.

We have sorta cleared out the second room. It is now a bedroom, no longer the spare room. There are plans on where everything will go. Each little thing is exciting and closer to starting that little one. I am still scared about being pregnant. I am glad to know I am not alone. I have met some other women who also feel the same. We do not not want to have kids, but there is the apprehension of being pregnant.

For me it is the nine months of taking care of this life inside. All the time that is spent with this little one being yours alone for nine whole months. After it is born, other people can help take care of it, but until birth, you are the one most responsible for this life.

My sister is about to deliver a little one in a short while. I’ve been busy crocheting little baby things. It is making me all broody.


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